21 March, 2016

A to Z Challenge - Scary Stuff!

Today is the "Theme Reveal Day" for the A to Z Challenge
No "Scary Stuff" is not my theme. I only signed up for the challenge today, spontaneously, so I opted not to sign up for the Theme Reveal Challenge. 

No. "Scary Stuff" is the idea of forcing myself to write six days a week, when I have a job that requires me to be on the computer 8-hours a day, and I have low motivation to get online in the evening! If you check deeper into my blog, you will notice that I have not posted regularly for a very long time.

My life drastically changed about 4 years ago, and before that I had more time and inclination to write. I enjoyed my blog, developed friends through my blog, and even met my husband through his blog! So yeah, I loved blogging, but got away from it because I like my blog to be anonymous, and had no privacy to write for quite some time. (Please don't judge me based on my recent posts. Go back at least 10-12 posts - I think - if you want to get a flavor for my style.)

However, since it IS Theme Reveal Day, here's my theme:
A Travelogue of my Life

Or maybe just:
Places I've Been

...Interesting Places?

Since I'm not "officially" a part of the Theme Reveal, I guess I don't feel like it has to be a coherent statement. You get the idea. 

I promise it won't be boring. My dad was a missionary, so I've lived in four countries including boarding school, traveled to something like 20 more countries, and visited all but two US states. So I've BEEN places. 

I am a bit out of practice blogging, but hopefully this will help revive that little germ from a few years and a lifetime ago!


  1. You are so much more well-traveled than me. Maybe after we make our millions, we can see the rest of the world together.

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  3. Travelogue sounds amazing!!

    All the best from a fellow A to Zer :)

    1. I see you have three blogs, which should I check out for the AtoZ challenge?
      I'd love to see what you have planned!


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