19 March, 2017

When you find a FRIEND on Social Media

Just a short Five-Minute Friday post. On these posts, I follow the one-word prompt from Kate at Heading Home.  
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It's pretty cool, and I find a new blog every week. (I'm getting better at revisiting them, too.)

This week's one-word is "Friend". To be honest, this time I didn't read the whole post at Heading Home before writing. I know what I want to say about "friend"!
Timer starting...

So often we differentiate our friends from "facebook friends", am I right? I have a new friend since moving to China, who recently opened a facebook account. (Please note, facebook is, technically, blocked in China, but most foreigners know how to get around the block to keep in touch back home.)

This friend is a Chinese national, and since we started having adventures together, I've often wished I could tag him on facebook, to share with my friends back home the fun we have! But until recently, I couldn't.

Could I still share the fun with friends back home? Of course. Could I share pictures? Naturally. And I did. We have a mutual foreign friend who apparently shared my posts with him, because one time when he saw me, he thanked me for naming him "friend". I think it was about a mention I made on facebook.

So now, I can tag him, and he can see instantly what my thoughts were about something we did together, and he can leave his comments, too. It is a new dimension to our friendship, and one I enjoy.

I have also found that some people who I knew in real-life, I came to know better by becoming facebook friends. In some cases, this is a good thing, in some cases, not. How much is too much to share? 

I believe some lines are best left blurry, but when you find a kindred spirit, you cherish them.

Stop timer. 


  1. At the moment I am not finding anything about Facebook to be friendly! I wish the political BS would die down!!

    1. I have unfollowed many friends who post vitriolic political posts. I don't unfriend them because I know them to be good people who I love, but I just can't stand the way they present their opinions sometimes!

  2. Joining you from FMF. I often wonder why people share what they share on Facebook. I don't need to know a kidney stone was passed! Have a great week!

    1. Agreed. If you have a headache every single day, and you've told us every day, you can assume that we just assume you have a headache!

  3. I just tell you my nastiest stuff so I don't have to put it on Facebook.


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