20 June, 2013

Zombie from Hell - It's a New Look for Me

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my postings this morning, but to sum up:

A) I awoke feeling like a zombie.
B) When I got to work I felt like a zombie in hell.

The day didn't really improve. It just got tiring.
So I decided to shop after work. Might as well add to the hell. 

I hate shopping, but I had seen an "over-the-door" ironing board at Target and my little counter-top version has seemed sub-par since then.

...I hate ironing, too, but even more, I hate not being able to sit on the sweet window seat in my bedroom because of the 3 pairs of pants sitting on it, glaring at me, accusing me of negligent care for not ironing...

So I went to get the ironing board. And see what else jumped out at me.

I passed the shoes, so I looked, and even tried on a pair, but at about 8 minutes I realized my attention was fading, so moved on.

More than anything else, the worst form of hell of all is: clothing shopping. I really only buy clothes if either I'm desperate, or they practically jump off the rack at me. There was a cute top that jumped off the rack, so I tried it on. Blah. Cute on the hanger, shapeless on me.


Ironing board. check.
Some baking needs. check.
Oh! Looking for a tea kettle...
Wait, a big saucepan is $40-$50? Crap. I need a big saucepan at some point, too. Not today. Tea kettle...tea kettle...

I know it's time to leave when I start "hmm"-ing out loud as I consider items on the shelf:
"Hmm" - considering this one.
"H-hm" - I don't know, maybe this one.
"...hhmmmmmm..." - get me out of here!

OH! And then the sweet retiree ringing me up. I loved hiring senior citizens for summer work at my old job. They're reliable, usually pleasant, and as long as they're trainable, you have a good employee who won't rock the boat. But he was meticulously slow and gave me all the details about the credit card options I had. Fortunately I was just worn out, and not on the verge of tears (which has happened from shopping overload).

I got what I needed, including 7-up so that I could make the fantastic margaritas I make. (Sorry Brett, I had to use one of your beers.)

The good news is, a margarita and some Big Bang Theory, and I can see the light!

Maybe tomorrow will be less hellish. Maybe my margaritas will ensure a solid night's sleep!


  1. Bad days are ALWAYS instantly improved by adding alcohol. That, my friend, is a fact of life!!!



    1. Buy a "can" of Frozen Lime-ade, empty into pitcher.
      Refill with tequila and add to pitcher.
      Refill with 7-up and add to pitcher.
      Add one beer.

      (courtesy of Jill Conner Brown's "Sweet Potato Queens" books.)

  2. Buying pants is probably some weird form of training for going to hell. Just saying.

    1. Oddly, this is the season for pants for me - capris. I'm tall, so ...yeah...

      May I just say a HUGE majority of stores that carry pants in "petite" do NOT carry them in "tall". Racists.

  3. I would shop with you and alleviate the stress by making fun of other people.

    1. Thank you! It's a deal. That would be a great help!

  4. I like shopping... but I also loathe it. If I had money and could find pants that actually fit, I would like it more. Food shopping is worse though. When I'm not hungry, nothing looks good. When I am hungry, I want EVERYTHING.

    You just can't win with shopping.

    1. I'm usually okay with food shopping. I make a list, know what I want, and find extra stuff too.

      But food doesn't have to fit properly. :(


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