14 September, 2016

Into the Abyss...

I just realized I know *nothing* about my life after September 27th. 

That is the day we arrive in Beijing. Apparently someone is going to put us up in a hotel...for that night at least.

At some point we will sign paperwork (I assume) with the schools who have promised to hire us.

At some point - hopefully the first day - we will look at apartments that have been selected as good options for us.

No idea how we will eat, what we will eat, where we will live, where we will work, or how we will get around.

We do not speak the language. 
We cannot read the language.

Imagine seeing the entrance to a very dark cave that you cannot see into at all. You step into the entrance and cannot even see your hands in front of your face. All you can hear is a friendly voice saying, "Come on in! It's awesome! You'll love it!"

You answer, "I can't see anything - give me some directions!"

They shout back...from way in the depths of the cave, "Don't worry about it - just keep walking!"
And then, "Oh! But try not to fall into the giant potholes!"

"...WHAT potholes? I can't see anything!" you say.

And the greatest reassurance you get it, "Meh. You'll be fine." 

That is the best description I can give for what this is like.


  1. It will be great.

    Plus, remind yourself it is not forever and enjoy the experience. I have heard the food in China is terrific.

    Bon Voyage.

  2. Oh my!! I wish you the best of luck. Keep writing and telling us all about it. It sounds scary to me but I know it will be an adventure you will never regret!


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