09 September, 2016

PSA: Get a Mammogram!

Good morning all!

I thought I'd throw this out there because I was prepared to skip it this year. 

I've been getting mammograms for about 10 years now, because my sister got breast cancer in her 30s. I've never had a sign of cancer, and never felt a lump. So this year, with everything going on, and my PTO running out at work - so not wanting to take all the time to drive across town - I thought, "Meh. It'll be clear anyway. I'll save the time and skip it."

When my friend visited a few weeks ago, she asked if we were getting all our medical check-ups prior to moving, and specifically about the mammogram. After I explained my view, she suggested finding a place with extended hours, or going somewhere that wasn't across town, since a lab is a lab, and my doctors are part of a network in my city.

Long story short, if she hadn't had that conversation with me, I would have gone without my annual mammogram. So now I'm having that conversation with you! I finally had mine this morning. It will probably be clear, but better to get it now, while I have insurance and know about the quality of care I'm getting, right?

If you haven't had one, or are scared, just know:
  • It's uncomfortable, but only for a few seconds
  • Nothing is poked or prodded - no needles, no scalpels - just squishing
  • The techs (I've only ever had female radiology techs) understand that you are exposing yourself, and do their best to make you comfortable. Emotionally, at least.
  • They've seen every type of breast before. 
  • It's quick! I was at my office a half-hour after my appointment.
 What's stopping you?


  1. I'm glad you got your mammogram and before you go. I also like your encouragement of others.

    1. Thank you! It's not hard, it's just sometimes hard to schedule.

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