07 December, 2016

Five Minutes of Peace!

I'm kind of late to this ballgame, but we've had internet issues. Again, for today's post, I am following the one-word prompt from Kate at Heading Home
If you want to join, click that link to her blog. Every Friday is a new word, and the only rules are:  Write for 5 minutes.  Link your post on hers. 
(You have a whole week to get your post up.)
It's pretty cool, and I find a new blog every week.
(Now if only I would make the time to revisit more often during the week.)
This week's one-word is "Crave".
Timer starting...

What non-food thing do I crave? I crave peace. True peace in my heart.

I actually started a Mindfulness Challenge recently. "Mindfulness" is one of those ephemeral words that implies a bunch of mental mumbo-jumbo and visualization exercises that a lot of people can't get into. But it's working for me so far.

I set a goal that at the end of this challenge I would have accepted Beijing as home. I have, logically. My brain gets it. But sometimes, on a frustrating day, the fleeting thought of "if we were in the States" passes through my mind unbidden. Or I just miss things and people. I know we aren't moving, but my heart is not at truly peace.

So each day, I meditate on the thought that this is now my home, for at least a minute. And throughout the day, my "mindfulness" is about focus on the moment. What is actually happening around me here and now? How am I responding? How is my husband responding? What can I, literally, do about it?

It has been a great week. Instead of yearning for the future we dream of, or longing for a past that can never be again, I am slowly becoming more present in my actual life, and at those times my heart is truly, peaceful.

Time's Up!


  1. Hi, I love that you crave peace with your life in China. Wow. I would love to visit Beijing. Are you a missionary there? I would love to hear your story.

    1. Hi Mary! Keep reading backwards for more on the story. We moved here at the end of September. There is no such thing as a missionary here, but we are Christians living in China!

  2. I need to work on being more present in the place I am in life. Thanks for this reminder!

    1. One thing I love about your weekly update posts is that they seem like little snapshots of a moment in time. I think you are doing well!


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