11 December, 2016

There Was No Joy in Mudville...

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 This week's one-word is "Joy".
Timer starting...

This is a really hard topic this week. Yes, I could write about the things that bring me joy on a day-to-day basis, but the reality is, I'm overall unhappy right now. Our jobs have come to a screeching halt, with a few random hours of work each week, for both me and my husband. 

We usually enjoy talking about our plans for the future - things to do with our small apartment, trips to take, places we want to eat or take friends who may visit us. Lately though, we only talk about what we can't afford, and the fact that our November pay (coming to us soon) will have to be hoarded to pay for December bills. 

When people who promise something (work, for example) fail to provide what was promised, the resulting emotion is definitely NOT "joy". What will happen to us? How will we eat? Will we ever have the financial independence that we are used to?

Questions crowd my brain to the point where the joy just cannot break through. 

Time is up. Sorry to be a downer.


  1. hi red. i don't think you are unusual. particularly at this time of year. the emotion of joy that comes when all is going well, when things are looking up, when we are happy? it comes easily then. but there is another joy that has nothing to do with emotions. it is a joy that is chosen despite our circumstances. it often is tied to our faith in a GOD who promises to provide for us. who is bigger than what we can see in front of us. it reminds me of the people of faith spoken of in Hebrews 11 who lived in a way that trusted the promise GOD gave them even when they never lived to see it come to pass in their lifetimes.

    We can look back to the provision He made for us on the cross for our sin...in faith that it was enough. but they couldn't do that. we have to believe Him when He says He loves us with an everlasting love. That His grace is enough for our needs. When He says He has lavished us with grace in Christ...and so much more! As we trudge through life, the emotion of joy comes and goes, but the deep seated joy is there, knowing He is with us, providing, caring, bringing into our lives what we need to grow up...even when it is hard.

    and most of all, we have Him to cling to when the going is hard:)

    1. Thanks Martha. Yes, I know my soul recognizes God's true joy, but sometimes the day-to-day eliminates the emotion.
      I have found some good grounding through the internet!

  2. That would worry me tremendously. One big stress in my life was job security. What a disappointment to be unsure of having enough hours to work. I hope it works out. Otherwise, come on home.

    1. LOL. Home is not an option this early in the game (in our minds) but we had considered moving on to greener pastures. Things seem to be settling down. Hopefully I can post some positive news next week!

  3. Red, this is a powerful, honest post...and in its transparency and sincerity, I don't see a downer. I see courage, someone who's willing to face life.

    I wish I were more like you!

    I'm the guest-post on this week's FMF, and my link is #1 in the lineup.


    1. Thank you, Andrew. There is no option but to face life, am I right? Knowing that - whether I see it or not - I am blessed, is enough.

  4. I hope this changes for you soon. I agree that not all of us are finding joy right now. And that is okay! I love your honesty!!

    1. Things are improving. And we have joy in each other at home, so that's always good!


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