12 April, 2016

J is for Jennifer's Wedding

Not exactly a “place”, this was an iconic “redneck wedding” that you wouldn’t find anywhere outside the USA.

Literally, lined up for skeet shooting.
Not a shotgun wedding in the traditional sense of “dad holding a shotgun to the guy who knocked up his daughter” there were a lot of shotguns present! In fact, the invitation stated, “Bring your shotgun, shells, and clay pigeons.”

Shooting started at 2:00pm, shooting from the back deck of the house.  A couple of clay pigeon throwers were set up in the field behind the house, and people just took turns firing at the orange discs being flung into the air. We arrived about an hour before the food, only shooting a little.

Playing "washers"

There was also a game of “washers” going on out back of the pole-shed where the tables and food were set up.  

(“Washers” is like horse-shoes, but with rings instead of the horseshoes.)

There was a buffet of standard barbecue fare: pulled pork, cole slaw, potato chips, lemonade, sweet tea and … beer. Lots of beer. Two kegs going at once, and I saw at least one keg get changed during the course of the evening.

As it got dark, what else? A bonfire! And then the music started. They had a proper stage set up, and apparently there were going to be five bands performing that night.
We didn’t stay for all five, but it was already a good, old-fashioned, truly uniquely American afternoon of fun!

Moral of the story: Get married in your own way! Tradition is not important.


  1. Call me a stick-in-the-mud, but for some reason I don't think guns and "lots of beer" is a great combo.

    Otherwise, I totally agree...who needs to spend a down payment on a house on a wedding?! Unless, I guess, it is your life-long dream and it makes you happy. But if it doesn't, why feel compelled?

    (I have never attended a wedding where guns were part of the invite. My friend, you have LIVED).

    1. There may have been some kind of rule about shooting first. I didn't actually shoot, so wouldn't be privy to it.
      I got married for under $100, I'm proud to brag. Including license. Pizza for everyone!

    2. This was to attend the wedding of one of my friends and all of us grew up with alcohol and guns everywhere. Guns are not an issue in the hands of people who know how to use them, even when alcohol is involved.

  2. It sounds like a great day of family, friends, and fun!

    1. The best part was meeting so many people from my husband's past.


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