25 April, 2016

U is for...

I'm trying to write a post about my experience with the London UNDERGROUND (aka The Tube) but on the off-chance that I'm called in to work over the weekend and can't finish it adequately, I'm scheduling this to go up.

U is also for...

The U.S.A.!

I've been to 47 of the US States - either visited directly, driven through en route to another destination, or (Alaska and Hawaii) touched down in a plane. I have yet to see Alabama, Louisiana, or Rhode Island. In several (3?)visits to New England, I have decided that one must make a specific trip into RI to see it. I've driven through Connecticut a couple times, although I've never truly visited.

So there you have it, my back up post - U is for U.S.A.

Moral of the Story: There's no excuse not to have a post, if you've planned your month adequately!


  1. Well, you have a backup post, Red, and I love the idea. I wrote a post draft the other day and accidentally clicked on "Publish." My subscribers were immediately notified and some commented. I was mortified. I withdrew the post, and it will be republished upcoming, in all its glamor.

    I've seen most of the U.S., but not Maine, and not the Northwest. Hoping to one day....

    1. This is the first time I used a back-up post, actually. I was on-track all the way until last week I started realizing how this was going to go!

  2. Hope all is well! That your backup post went up is ominous, like the starting point of a thriller.

    I've been to Alabama, but I have to tell you, I'm pretty sure it tried to kill me. I had one of the worst colds of my life, and then there was a tornado. I've been tornado adjacent, but never that adjacent. I watched at the air turned green, I heard a roar, and everything blew sideways.

    The power went out, and I sat in the bathtub in the pitch-black bathroom, hopped up on Nyquil, wondering what I'd ever done to the state.

    So it's probably OK if it's the one you get to last.

    1. I now have cousins (in-law) who live in Alabama, but no plans to visit yet.
      Living in the midwest, I'm surprised you've not observed tornadoes up close and personal before!

  3. could have commented on a post about the tube as I used to live in London..and avoided it where possible.
    Hvae visited only a handful of states in USA - loved New England....found New York quite a challenge

    1. I recommend upstate New York. New York City is for people who love a fast pace. As a tourist, I found it to be one of the dirtier US cities I've visited.

      And they ruin pizza. There. I said it.

  4. We'll have to hit those last three states together.


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