17 May, 2016

Mid-month Panic Attack

Okay, not really, but the next more-than-a-month really is jam-packed.

During this weekend we travel to Hot Stuff's hometown for his nephew's wedding.
We keep two hampers

The following weekend is laundry, packing, and last minute shopping before vacation. Oh, and it's Memorial Day weekend which means going nowhere on Sunday because the Indy 500 brings SO MUCH traffic that you leave your house at your own risk. (It's awesome. Truth be told, I love it.)
The following two weeks will include travel, my nephew's birthday, and my niece's graduation.
My luggage will get a workout, no doubt!
Days after the graduation, we get to recover from jetlag while driving the opposite direction to my family reunion. Oy vey. It'll be awesome and exhausting.
I'll return to work just in time for the next big monthly task, and THAT next weekend we are taking my little nieces on a 5K!

Then I can breathe.

OH WAIT! NO I CAN'T! Because we just found out a few days ago that Hot Stuff's aunt is getting married the following weekend, and that is a long enough drive that we'll be out of town all weekend, again. It's a good thing, though, because I don't know much of that side of his family, so I'm looking forward to it. 

Actually, with all that we are going to be doing, we both have to skip our work "summer party" type events. Just as well. I don't like socializing.

So far, July is free. I think I'll keep it that way.


  1. LOL All that traveling and socializing for a gal that doesn't like socializing. Sounds like you will be busy!!

    1. haha - Most of it is family, so that doesn't really count too much. That's its own special brand of anxiety!

  2. Dude! You are going to need July just to recover! I was just marveling last weekend at how we somehow dodged the wedding/graduation springtime gauntlet this year (aka = ZERO of either). MIRACLE! Here's hoping next year goes easy on you (and the rest of the summer, for that matter!

    1. When we got married two years ago, we had out of state plans every weekend for the following seven weeks. It was crazy.

    2. We just got back from a wedding, baby shower, graduation all on the same day - 3 different people/events.

      We only made the wedding festivities. Dropped off a gift for the shower, and saw the grad at church. And so it begins.


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