12 January, 2012

Save the Twinkies!!

“Tell ‘im about the Twinkie”…
Remember that scene from Ghostbusters? “If this Twinkie represents the usual amount of paranormal activity in the New York area, then based on today’s readings it would be a Twinkie 35-feet long weighing 600 pounds!”
It’s an awesome analogy! (That’s a big Twinkie)

…And did you see the Family Guy Y2K episode? The Griffins survived the nuclear holocaust by settling around the Twinkie factory in Nadick!

…Yesterday NPR ran a story about experiments on the supposed indestructibility of Twinkies. (The Twinkie was not dissolving in Mt. Dew.)

…Do you remember when they made Twinkies with strawberry filling?

Apparently Safeway is running a special on Twinkies. I intend to do my part on my grocery trip tomorrow, and buy my 2 boxes of Twinkies! (I’ll take them in to work though, because Hell – I’m not eating that stuff!) We have to save the Twinkies! Without Twinkies, the next generation will lose out on some slang terminology and we’d have to start saying the cockroaches will be the only thing to survive a nuclear holocaust! Oh, so sad. Are you willing to give the cockroach that kind of supreme standing in the hierarchy of animalia?

What am I forgetting here...?

1 comment:

  1. Were you aware that just yesterday HOSTESS, the maker of Twinkies, sought bankruptcy protection. We could actually lose our Twinkies.



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