04 January, 2012


I got a new phone yesterday. My first Smartphone…I know a nerd without a smartphone, weird, right? Well, I have one.

Now I have techno-anxiety about learning all about it before it becomes obsolete! And what Apps should I get or avoid? I want a GPS, and probably Pandora, and maybe Angry Birds – based on referral by my sister and her 10yo son…

Any ideas? Good/useful apps to have? Stupid ones to avoid?

And I still have to get my pictures off my old phone. I have a great Star Wars photo – with me in it – that was my wallpaper and I really want to keep that. If I don’t get those pics transferred within a day or two, I know I never will. I always have to strike while the iron is hot.

So my new toy. I feel it’s too good for me. I’ll have to smack it around a little and show it who’s boss!

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  1. I found a post that I have not commented on. I don't know why this one got missed, but it has been taken care of now.


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