25 January, 2012

Self-censorship, and a Comparative Analysis of the Battle of Yavin vs. the Podrace

So here’s something weird: I seem to have started to censor myself! Here, I mean! Remember when I explained about my title that I said I want a place to fly my freak flag…my nerdy freak flag? Well the other day I started composing about SW:The Phantom Menace, then never posted it because it seemed too dull. Well, maybe not necessarily “dull” but definitely very detailed specifically about Star Wars and somewhat analytical, and I guess my internal censor automatically clicked on because if I said all this crap to my friends and coworkers I’d get eye-rolls and snickers. (friendly, loving, snickers, of course)

Well screw that! Grab your light saber or blaster and rally ‘round! Here’s my stunning revelation:

This weekend I was hard at work on my self-proclaimed new job of watching SW:The Phantom Menace (aka SW#1) until I know it inside-out, with the goal of visualizing where the good bits will be on the 3D version coming out. (job title sucks. Note to self: compose new job title.)

I must revise an earlier statement I made that the podrace is SW#1’s Battle of Yavin (from SW#4 – aka The Original). It’s not, really. The podrace has too many close-ups and profile shots to be the rollercoaster that was Yavin. Of course, I haven’t had time since I made this revelation to re-watch The Original and confirm this hypothesis. I’m guessing that, since SW#1 was made with this fantastic amazing computer technology that was unavailable earlier, there were more options for angles…and with the CG characters’ unique faces, a desire for more shots of them.

As an avid rollercoaster rider – that’s another blog for another day – I have a lot of experience of this sensation. If I had to hone it down, I’d say the thrill is in the view... or lack of one if you are facing only sky! [quickly dons lab coat and professor-glasses] The quick changes of visual perspective mess with one’s internal sense of balance, and it all goes so quickly that we are left with that head-spinning sensation. …again, I haven’t been on a rollercoaster since October, and really don’t pay close attention when I’m in the moment, so this is part guess-work.

The Battle of Yavin I picture as looking through the cockpit-view. Of course there are some close-ups of the faces, and some wider shots showing the tie-fighters chasing them, but it seems to me that the zippy, front-angle may be what gives it the rollercoaster-y feel. Hmm…methinks I must watch A New Hope tonight.

What the podrace sequence does have, however, are explosions. Several explosions. Seems like a good opportunity for ILM to send shrapnel out into the audience in the 3D version. Good fun, no? I’m not a huge 3D fan, but that’s a cool part of action movies in 3D – ducking to get out of the way. Haha!

Here endeth the lecture. I will censor myself no more!

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  1. If you love it, you love it. You write this blog for you.

    Freak flag flying at full mast - hell to the ya.


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