19 July, 2016

Funny Ol' Thing, Life!

Life is a funny ol' thing, as I've heard numerous characters say in (probably mostly British) books and TV shows. I have learned from some of the newer bloggers I read (as in, I'm new to them, they are not new to blogging), the value of doing a recap periodically. I can't say I have enough to write about every week, but for now, I'm going to try something similar, if for no other reason than to keep this outrageous move in perspective. (I say "outrageous" as in, "larger than life" - What other word would work? Seriously, I'm interested. Please comment.)

Oddly enough My Mind has been dwelling more on all the violence in the world than on the events in my own life. Enough. I can't control what others do. I can pray, and I can try to be a little sweeter, a little kinder, a little more compassionate, to brighten my own corner of the world. I need to be present in my present.

I'm still Reading Christopher Moore's Sacre Bleu which my sister gave me for Christmas a couple years ago. We both enjoy his books, and she keeps saying how much she loved this one. It was hard for me to get into, but I only have about a quarter of it left. Maybe I'm just not into the visual arts enough: It begins with Van Gogh's death (not a spoiler, that's on the back cover and in the first few pages) and involves a bunch of artists from that period in France. But I WILL finish it.

I'm also trying to catch up on my Elle magazines so I can leave them with my stepdaughter. Of fashion magazines, I prefer this one, to stay up-to-date on makeup trends, and she likes the strong female influence through all the articles. 

Since I'm trying to finish my reading, I'm not Watching a lot of TV these days. When we finished up Orange Is The New Black this past weekend, I declined to begin a new Netflix series. I'm watching a couple of other shows that I'd like to wrap up before the move, and meanwhile, I'm reading more.

We did go see Ghostbusters this weekend. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend it.
The crazy blonde one is my favorite. She's nuts.

I also realized over the weekend that we will need to have a big ol' party sometime before we leave, Drinking up the liquor in the cabinet! I don't do mixed drinks a lot - gin & tonic in the summer, maybe a 7&7 occasionally - but I bake fruitcakes in the winter, so I have over half a bottle of spiced rum, a small half-full bottle of Bacardi, Grand Marnier, some tequila leftover from margaritas with my sister, and half a bottle of vodka from a distillery we toured down south! Maybe we can have a party in September. 
Not this, exactly, but kinda similar!

Looking Forward - I'm still awaiting the "all clear" on our background checks. Meanwhile, we move forward - iron out what we need to do to break our lease, tackle legal matters, pack and sort books, china, and donation items. We may even write a will! I'm trying to take advantage of all the free services that come with my current benefits plan, before we leave the country.

I guess it was a pretty busy week, after all. We'll see about next week!


  1. I enjoyed your weekly update. I think your plan to pray and brighten your own corner of the world is a good one. Impossible for us to do much more. The book you are reading sounds intriguing. And I love the idea of a party to clear out the liquor cabinet. I don't drink nearly what I used to. I have plenty in our cabinet that needs clearing....

    1. It is an intriguing book. And he did a lot of research to get facts and people right. I know he has a section on his website to link to actual photographs of places he mentions, and the original artworks brought up, but I don't have the time or focus to stop each time something happens to look it up. Maybe that's my issue: I know there's so much more!

  2. We enjoy the recap, too, especially before you partake in such an adventure via your move. I've always loved Christopher Moore. Never read Sacre Bleu, but kinda sad to hear it's hard to get into. I always found his stuff really easy to get through.

    1. It's still a well-written book. My sister had no issues. He has details and photos from his research time in France, posted on his webpage, and I may have gotten bogged down trying to check that as I was reading to begin with. I'd recommend read the book first, then go back and check the links!


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