25 July, 2016

Last Week (end)'s Revelations

We have a move-out date! That is to say, we have decided to write September 30 as our final day, on our lease-breaking documentation. They need to know two months in advance, and we won't have a precise date that soon, so opted to round to the nearest month. 

Since my last post...

We figured out (sort of) how our finances will work in China
I got rid of my camping equipment
More piles of books sorted for various people
One box of men's clothes donated 
One box of women's clothes ready for donation  
I've started mental lists of things "to take", "to store until we return", and "to get rid of". This week, I want to post written versions on the walls in our hallway, that we can add to or edit.
 I picked up a Mandarin phrase book. I know small chunks of Mandarin from living in Taiwan during high school, but can't remember a lot. So my goal is to have key phrases down pat before we get to Beijing. That's my latest book, like I need a new one!

As I sort through my books and DVDs - deciding which few to keep, I was about to put in the "donate" box Amy Tan's "Joy Luck Club" then realized there's a lot about Chinese culture there - maybe I should keep it! ...Or give it to a friend here in the States to understand where we're going. I have my dad's old copy of "Tai-Pan" too, and went through the same thought process. I'm still undecided.

I feel relatively calm about the move consciously, but everything else in the world sometimes gets me down. So I'm working on my positive attitude. I've unfollowed facebook friends who post too much negativity - political, news, personal - and I'm working on having a smiling "resting face" so I appear pleasant. Smiling on the outside leads to smiling on the inside. Here's hoping!

The weekend was productive. We had supper with my parents on Friday. It was an enjoyable, un-argumentative evening! Then on Saturday did errand-y things - oil change, car wash, groceries - and we started taking the nails out of the walls from picturesFound a new Mexican restaurant too. With rather darker-themed seating than I usually see!
Not just the cock-fight, but there's a little girl watching!

To relax, last night we watched the movie "Trumbo" starring Bryan Cranston (of Breaking Bad and Malcolm In The Middle fame). Cranston's involvement was all I knew about it going in, but I recognized a good chunk of the cast. Good movie about the days of communism fear-mongering in the US. Ironic to watch that as I prep to move STRAIGHT INTO a communist country! (or isn't it ironic?) 

I was also told by my boss that I can keep working here as long as I need to. They are actively seeking my replacement, so that I can help train her. Now I know that even if they hire her tomorrow, I can stay on, and get some of the "ongoing" projects completed.

Looking Forward - My sister comes this weekend to take away more furniture - some just for safe-keeping. Among the items she requested is my grandfather's old WWII army trunk. I've been using it as a cool-looking coffee table, and that's what she'll do, too. Still has papers, photos, letters, etc. inside, but she can hold onto those!

Maybe we can make a dent in my liquor cabinet while she's over.


  1. It is a big deal moving across the road. So this is a task moving to the other side of the world. Quite an adventure, I wish it was me.

    1. It is quite a task! I vary between thinking things are moving along well and we're getting it done at a good pace, and being overwhelmed at how much is left to do!

  2. Wow! The sorting and giving away continues, huh! Wish I lived close. I'd come help you sort and clean out that liquor cabinet! LOL

    1. That would be fun!
      The giving away will keep going at least into September. Hopefully by then anything left will have a designated home.


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