05 July, 2016

The Beginning of the End

...and so it begins.

THIS WEEKEND I... went to my sister's with a few small things I'm getting rid of, that she can use in her new place:

3 Van Gogh prints
A floor lamp that I had that just happens to match hers
Kitchen "gadgets" including bread knife, measuring spoons, wine glass charms, etc.

We visited IKEA - I giggle with joy every time I go there - and I promised her some of our larger items when she visits with a cargo van later this month.

While I was doing that, Brett delivered my National Geographic Magazines with their bookshelf to his brother, and visited with his kids. This weekend was a first step toward clearing our home of all our possessions that are either unnecessary, or too cumbersome to take with us to China in the fall.

AFTER RETURNING home, I sat out on our balcony, watching fireworks through the trees across the pond, and talking on the phone to an old friend in India. (Facebook Messenger, baby!)

IT FINALLY OCCURRED TO ME, while lying in bed last night, listening to fireworks in our development: This will be my last July 4th in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave for probably several years. Not just leaving the USA, we are actually moving into a Communist country! The strangeness of preparing for life in a country where things we take for granted here are monitored and restricted finally hit me. 

No freedom of speech means social media is blocked by the government. Of course, for the technologically savvy, there are ways around it, but how long will it take to get to that point? Even after we apply for our internet license, (for real!) it may be a month or more before we learn to navigate the system and get back to our blogs!

I'M BEGINNING TO... transition from coffee to tea. Not that coffee is unavailable in China, but I'm sure tea is the less expensive option, since it's the local product. We are hoping to be able to pay down our student loans while living in a less-expensive country, and that will mean modifying our lifestyle and compromising on some things we take advantage of here. 
Like cheese. 
I don't know what we'll do about cheese...

LOOKING AHEAD: Things are moving along nicely. For all my concern when I last posted, the apartment now looks like we are moving. Piles of books - some claimed, some waiting for a decision - and piles of empty boxes are everywhere. I move things around periodically so the chaos doesn't drive me crazy. 

I'm anxiously awaiting the issuance of our work visas - a multi-step process - so that I can buy our tickets and we can have an end-date to work towards. I feel a bit like Scarlet O'Hara, "I can't worry about that right now. I'll worry about that tomorrow."

NEXT WEEKEND: More deliveries of our possessions into the hands of new owners, and we get our background checks. (Step one in the visa process.) 


  1. Oh how scary. Just reading this makes me sad that I don't appreciate the freedoms I have more than I do. I will be anxiously awaiting you to get on the INTERNET and back to your blog. It will be nice to know how you are doing there!

    1. Yes. Part of me is ready to just be gone as soon as we get our visas, but then I know that first few weeks will be stressful. I'll probably journal until I get online, then post everything in order.
      God has a plan!

  2. This move sounds so exciting! I hope it doesn't take too long to get your internet approved because I can't wait to hear about all your adventures. I skipped back a couple posts so I could figure out why you're moving - that's so cool that you're going to teach! I taught business ESL for a media firm when I lived in Moscow, and it was really rewarding. Mostly because it was a massive relief, after spending the rest of the time speaking terrible Russian and feeling like a fish out of water, to walk into my job and finally be the one who knew the answers! ;)

    1. It is an exciting move. We now think I may be in a different type of position though, after learning of all the requirements for the teaching position. Our official job offers won't be sent until they get all our paperwork, which is a very long process. Until then, all we know is that we've been told, "You both have jobs!" It's getting a little nerve-wracking.


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