25 August, 2016

In the Home Stretch... Maybe

We may see the light at the end of the tunnel! Then again, it may be a mirage.

The last few weeks have been a jumble of hurdle-stumble-resolution-hurdle-stumble-resolution. So we've hit this turning point before. The "all clear" sounds and we think we're just waiting on One Thing. Only to have the rules changed on us. This is about every other week. 

Everyone promises that "after we get there" it will all make more sense, and we'll even start to embrace their system. Meanwhile, I'm wondering if my organized self will ever adapt to what seems to be a mess of disorganization. Can I survive?

...I wrote those top paragraphs yesterday.
Today, I received an email with documents to print out about our visas and found out that "This will only take 5 days" really means, "You can accomplish this in 5 days, IF YOU WANT TO PAY $320 EACH!"
The standard $218+ fee is 6-10 days.

Seriously. I'm just. Done.
I'm going to talk to a friend in India about getting a job there. I know the visas are cheaper, not sure about turnaround time. I'm so sick of this.
Every. Stinking. Day.

Misery loves company. Please, in lieu of commiserating, if you choose to comment, just let me know what is currently driving you insane!    


  1. Teenage grandchildren are what is currently driving me crazy! I hope this process soon gets easier for you and your are on your way!!

    1. Thank you. And thanks for sharing. I know we all have things that get frustrating, and it helps me to keep perspective.


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