18 August, 2016

SUPER Bad Blogger!

Over a week between posts... AGAIN!

This time I have a more legitimate excuse. I have begun training my replacement at work, so can't really keep my personal pages open on my computer (she can see). I know, I shouldn't be anyway, but often that's how I catch up on you all!

Plus, we were away spending time with Brett's family and old friends last weekend. PLUS I've been trying to prepare for a friend's visit - arriving today! 

So I definitely had to post a quickie today, because I know I won't touch this blog again until after the weekend at the very earliest. (Trainee is at lunch.) If I remember, I will take pics this weekend to share our exciting doings.

My replacement will be awesome, and this is great to be able to personally train her, in a leisurely timeframe. Move prep is still the biggest hassle of my life. I think I'm gaining stress-weight. 

More next week!


  1. I am glad that you updated. I have been thinking of you!!

    1. I'm honored. Aiming for about one a week for now. Not exciting and full of pictures, but... at least I'll be posting.

  2. Work is seriously so inconvenient when you're trying to stay updated with the blogoshpere. It rarely happens at the joint I'm at now. SO inconvenient!

    1. Very true! Glad to see you in the 'sphere!


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