26 August, 2016


I'm trying to get over this negativity before it drags me under. Today, I will force myself into Happy by focusing on the positives.

So, instead of griping about the pain-in-the-neck process we are attempting, and the $700 we've shelled out before even buying tickets, some recent happy thoughts and happy moments!

A dear friend flew in from the East coast to visit for the weekend, and it was actually a very relaxing time together. She is going through some stress of her own, so she was grateful to sleep in and just hang out.

Saturday morning I made us scones and Turkish coffee and we sat on the balcony watching it rain.

We took a walk every day.
Giant Mushrooms!

Other happy things? I had ordered an early birthday present for Brett and it arrived on Tuesday. If you have a man in your life that you shop for, you should check out Man-Crates. I've done this for him twice - different each time, and it's so much fun. This time it was a crate of REAL ramen. He loves it. (Last time I did a bacon-themed crate.)

This is the card they put in the crate.
I also met a new friend who was passing through town. I made us a picnic breakfast and met her at the train station. That was pretty cool, too.

So good things are happening. Now I have to go talk to a friend about the possibilities India has to offer.


  1. And I still love my ramen. Good stuff.

  2. Um, scones and Turkish coffee and rain? Why was I not invited? I mean, I know I'm just some random internet person but that sounds like the PERFECT morning. Also, your mushroom picture made me burst out laughing and reminded me of living in Russia. Russians are obsessed with mushrooms! I was walking down the sidewalk in downtown Moscow once, when two Russian dudes were standing in front of me blocking the way. They were crouched down, staring at a tiny mushroom that had somehow managed to pop up between the cracks in the cement. One looked up and me and whispered reverentially: "Look, a mushroom!" Also, they might have been high. :)

    1. LOL. I never tasted a mushroom growing up because my mother hates them.
      Have you ever seen them growing inside your house, though? Like in a damp environment? Might change anyone's feelings for mushrooms!

      ...and if you didn't live 200 miles away, I'd totally invite you over for scones and Turkish coffee.


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