21 February, 2012

I Think I'm High

(shh…middle of workday…)
So I just went to the storage room to get more copy paper, and something smells GREAT! I mean great in the “getting high from paint” – or markers, or white-out – sense. I looked around to see what it was. Someone must have recently cleaned, but it wasn’t cleaning fluid.

New rubber gloves?
This other plastic-y thing that we keep gazillions of?
Was it some lubricant the elevator guy used? He was just here and the elevator room is right across from the storage room.
Did we just get more freshly printed forms or brochures?

I inhaled deeply a few times, trying to identify the smell.

No idea what caused it, but I think I’m high.
…and I’ve been so careful to print those 42-million handouts I’ve been working on in small batches so as not to get high from the copier toner!

(Perhaps I should add the disclaimer that I’ve never done illegal drugs of any kind - not for lack of opportunity, and all appearances to the contrary. Not necessarily because they are illegal, although I’d be the one to get in trouble so it’s always good for me to stay on the legal side, but because I have realized that something in my brain makes me feel addicted rather quickly. I’ve always thought I was just weak-willed, but NPR did a story on this phenomenon recently: It’s a real thing! For anyone in doubt, just read my post about Angry Birds and you will believe!) (I guess you could look up the NPR story for actual facts, too.)

Since I am committed to providing everyone with a reason to celebrate, the obvious reason to celebrate today: Fat Tuesday!...I think when I get home I’d better have a few hefty drinks, just to celebrate…and because I’m halfway there anyway!


  1. I was on the newspaper staff in high school and we did our own printing. The stenograph fluid made us high as a kite every time we did it.

    Don't be sneaking off to get extra whiffs.

    1. Well, I can't "sneak" anywhere, anyway, because of the layout of the building. I'll never know what that was.

  2. Happy Fat Tuesday Red! (even though it's now Wednesday)

    1. And to you! I actually found Almond Tequila and thought I'd try your "Apocalypse" but then got home and realized I didn't have Kahlua, so tried that other shot you devised with the almendrado. Woo-hoo! Strong stuff!


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