13 February, 2012

Star Wars'ed Out

The fruit-basket that is my world was kind of upset this weekend, because I found out on Thursday – got the phone call while I was in the AT&T store, no less! – that my dad had a “mini” stroke. SOOoo…that was scary. Actually, I was totally freaked out that evening. He’s going to the neurologist today, so I’ll know more later I guess. So far it seems to have affected motor function on the right side, particularly his right arm/hand. Good news is his brilliant mind and off-beat sense of humor are unaffected.

Anyway, that kind of took me over for a while, and Star Wars seemed too trivial to write about. BUT, I know I promised a Star Wars assessment, so here it is:

I hadn’t figured on the whole “matinee-crowd” factor; as in: there’s no such thing as a “matinee crowd”. I got there early and got the perfect seat, right in the middle, and was gradually joined by maybe a dozen others. There were no costumes or other indications of Star-Wars-Mania…until I was leaving and saw a teenage Darth Maul heading in for the next showing!

As to the movie, it was worth seeing in 3D. Not all movies are worth it, but this one is. The light-saber fighting is pretty cool, actually. My earlier assessment of the podrace proved out. The explosions were pretty cool, and some of the racing through the tunnel-y landscape was neat, but basically all the profile shots and close-ups ruined the effects of the speed. The space-fight (blowing up the droid mother-ship) was better. There were several moments of vertigo for me that I had not anticipated, scattered throughout the film, on Coruscant and Tatooine.

Perhaps just because it’s back on the big-screen, but I noticed more detail, too. Of course, Darth Maul is and has always been the most Bad-a$$ of Bada$$es, but he really rocked in 3D. Wow. I think I’m going to join the dark side.

And now, after watching, watching, watching, I believe I’m Star Wars’ed-out! Never thought it would happen, and I’m sure it’s not permanent, but dude, really…enough for now!

I know this is short and boring, but I'm preoccupied with my dad and - oh by the way, did I tell you? - my alleged stalker right now, so not thinking so creatively. (Last week I was told I have a stalker, but apart from the guy being a little creepy, I don't feel endangered yet...just another thing to be on my mind.)


  1. I've been debating whether I should go see this in 3D, but it seems worth it. Maybe I will!

    I hope your dad feels better soon.

  2. That's what I'm here for - to help with difficult Star Wars related decisions!

    And thanks for the well-wishes.


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