04 October, 2012

Republican? Democrat? Zombie?

I hate politics. I tend to distrust anything and anyone politically related. The thing I hate most is talking about politics, so I don't. It's no coincidence that the root of the word "politics" is the same root as "polarizing".

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The thing I hate most about American politics (because let's face it, I have to deal with American politics, and don't know enough to discuss other systems) is the two party thing. The Two Party System is flawed. The Two Party System assumes that everything is black and white. The Two Party System seems to be based on the belief that, if a person feels one way about subject A, they must therefore feel a particular way about subjects B, C, and D as well.

What, did the party elite suck out the brains of all the party members?
...and why do I suddenly sound like I'm discussing twentieth century Russian politics? "party elite"? dude. Wake me up.

There is no universal party. Anyone who toes their party line 100% must have been zombi-fied by that party. I have worked very hard, all my life, as I grew up and developed my world view, to weigh each issue on its own. (I do recognize that growing up overseas, surrounded by close friends from many different countries and world views has given me a variety of views on a variety of subjects, and that perhaps this is why I don't fit into either party very well.)

My parents are die-hard Republicans. They are Republican in the same way that I am a Chicago Bears fan. Yeah. Hardcore. (Don't tell them I accused them of being zombies, though. They might suck out my brain.)

Zeus* is the same. Maybe more vocal.

Hestia married into the Democrat party, I think. And Diana does not discuss politics, so I have no idea. BRAVO, DIANA!

Poseidon is active-duty military (if you pray, please include him, he's in a dangerous place) which usually translates to Republican, in my experience. If so, he must be conflicted, based on what I know of his choices and tastes. Maybe he's neither.

*The link is to my "cast of characters", and will help you make sense of the names I've given my siblings.

I decline to toe a party line. I said I have a variety of views on a variety of subjects. Here's a sampling of why I can't party with either party:

IN GENERAL, and based on the standard projected party-lines I hear...

A. I stand with Republicans on military issues.
B. I stand with Democrats on gay marriage.
C. I stand with Republicans on education. (although this is kind of off the radar these days, so this stance is based on the last I heard.)
D. I stand with Democrats on the environment.
E. I think American foreign policy sucks. It's screwed up. It's not based on any sense of reality of what is happening overseas, and both parties are full of foreign-policy idiots.

Words of wisdom, indeed.
But I'm not on the fence. I believe each way very strongly! Where's MY party? There are so many shades of grey in between the two parties. Take gay marriage. I don't see how we can IL-legalize it.  Until Brett, I had never been able to stick with a loving relationship, but I know several gay/lesbian couples who have been in a loving, committed relationship for longer than a lot of marriages. How is that bad for the country?

Don't get me wrong, I don't think a church should be forced to perform a ceremony that contradicts their beliefs, but how can the government say no? If people are so concerned about family values, let's tackle the domestic violence issue instead of attacking loving couples, m'kay?

As far as education, I think teachers need more freedom to teach, and not just push on towards the test. I also think that until families get involved together, and kids learn to value education, I don't think the system will be resolved. The last I heard, the Repubs were pushing some kind of "school choice" concept which is what I like. However, this is not a direct issue for me, since I do not have kids. (It is a marginal issue for me, as the generation being educated today will affect my life as a senior.)

The environment is my particular bugaboo. My mom disagrees with me on this. She thinks we have to save people first, then the environment. I think that saving people with bandaid solutions first will hurt us all in the long run. If we continue to rape and pillage the earth, we won't be leaving anything for future generations except the same problems we inherited.

'Nuff said.
Here endeth the soap box.

The Presidential debate was last night. I watched a few minutes just to check, verified that it was sound-bite central, and switched channels. Maybe they got serious later and I missed it.

Here's why I don't care what happened:

Say what they like, no President can get it done on his own. He needs to work with the Congress. Until everyone agrees to work together, and until some people learn to compromise, those campaign promises will lie mouldering in their graves.

Douglas Adams said it best (but my Hitchhikers Guide is in storage, so I have to paraphrase) when he said that the President has no real power. He's merely a figurehead to distract attention away from the real power. Indeed.

I honestly saw this sticker on a car this summer.
People vote for the candidate who they believe upholds their same values and ideals. If you don't know the candidates' values and ideals by now, you must have been living under a rock.

So, how do I vote?
I vote for a person, not a party.
I haven't voted a straight ticket in a long time.

I WILL vote, because too many people in this world can't vote, and too many people in this country's history worked to hard to enable me to do so.
I will vote my conscience and I will not talk about it.

If I can get people together, maybe I will actually play that drinking game for the next debate! (Who knows, inject a little alcohol, I might find politics amusing.)


  1. Do you know who you'll be voting for?

  2. My aunt's church gives them a flyer that lays out all the candidates and issues and tells them how they should vote as 'Christians.' This makes me even crazier, voting a certain way because you've been told that is how God wants you to vote. Ugh.

    Whatever conclusion someone comes to is their own business, but I just wish they would come to a conclusion after doing the research for themselves!

    1. I don't mind getting literature from an organization stating the candidates' stance on that organization's issue, but I agree. Let people decide for themselves!

      ...Believe it or not, the views of individuals in the same church may differ!

    2. I've seen a similar flyer. The ones I've seen ask every candidate where they stand on several issues. These are Christian issues they ask about. They then record the candidates' answers, but don't encourage votes one way or the other. For any person that claims they hold biblical values, they should consider it valuable information.

      If the church goes as far as to endorse a specific candidate, they have crossed a line.

  3. I am so happy to see there are others out there like me who go "both ways" in terms of party as it relates to various issues. The polarized state of America (as witnessed by my friends' Facebook pages) is depressing. Makes me want to go find a nice cave...

    1. A study found that the people most often swayed by views expressed on social media tend to be democrats. In my own private fb world, it appears that the views most often expressed on fb are democrats, so they're preaching to their own choir!

  4. It's like everyone is all Vote for Coke! or Vote for Pepsi! But I'm just sitting over here drinking my Sprite.

    I wish I could Vote for Cake...



    1. :) I wish I could "like" this comment. I'll join your table, with my Root Beer.

  5. I am definitely into politics more than you, but have many of the same grievances. I have many friends who will vote for someone without having looked at who that person is. He gets their vote simply because he belongs to the party they affiliate themselves with. If someone wants to vote Democrat or Republican, they should feel free to do so, but do it because the candidate most closely pursues your values.

    I have heard countless people rant about certain issues and them vote for the candidate that is the opposite of the things they were complaining about simply because he belongs to a certain party. Those are the zombies of their party. The uneducated voters that don't have a clue and only vote with their party are not helping.

    1. Yup. In the last election, I visited the websites of all the State candidates (it wasn't Presidential, but was a Delaware Gubernatorial as well as congressional races) to see where they were on my hot-buttons.

      It was very helpful!

  6. This is why I gave up TV. I like to read about politics and mull over my decisions on who is better, not be bombarded with attacks ads and sound bites. I feel like visual media gives me a bias I don't necessarily want, since I am on the fence about my political leanings as well.

    1. Absolutely. They can say what they want, but doing it is a different matter.

  7. Married to a Democrat who is changing sides based on one issue. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since he was dem because of one (different) issue. He actually got upset when I said I invoke my right to hold my vote secret. He said "but not to me. I'm your husband." Not a good night.

    1. Your voting secret is safe with me. Personally, I keep my vote to myself too. I'll just say, I do not vote a straight ticket.


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