30 March, 2012

Go Ahead - Toot Your Own Horn!

It will be a busy day today, so I’m not being creative at all, but instead want to share a farewell letter I received in my work email.

Part of my job is hiring seasonal staff. I live and work at the beach, which means everything is seasonal. Our seasonal staff runs between 85 and 100 people depending on the staffing budget. I am responsible for hiring, scheduling, training and supervising about 30 of these people.  (This is just a tiny part of my overall duties.) However, I don’t actually have to hire 30 people each summer, because I am so awesome that most of our seasonal staff returns each year. That’s right, this is “toot your own horn” day in my universe. Feel free to do so yourself.

One of the guys who keeps coming back for more torture summer at the beach every year has been in positions of responsibility in his past, and so I was very flattered to receive this letter from him:

This news of you leaving saddens me. I for one am truly sorry to see you go.
Working with you as my senior has been more pleasure than not over the years.
You have many great characteristics that most bosses fall way short of.
Such as: Actual listening & follow up in response to ideas, questions, and issues at hand from your underlings.  You’re approachable, realistic, fair, very practical, no huge ego issues, personable, no power trip, reliable, looking after & over her peps with due diligence. As an intellectual you do possess the ability of being able to entertain an idea without actually accepting it. J

~(I'm particularly proud of that last line. He knows that sometimes I'm just humoring the ideas that are presented because there are reasons that the idea won't work.)~

You strike me as the type that lands on her feet. And even though the job market is tight right now; your personality and character will shine through as one who can handle people and pressure.

Returning home to live with parents is always a difficult road to walk. (you’ve changed/grown, they haven’t) Wait till you see how much your room shrunk in size.J

~(Actually I never lived there, so don't have an old bedroom to return to. But either way.)~

But I think you might want to focus on the positive. This gives you the ability to negotiate stronger with potential job offers. You won’t be as desperate to except anything due to financial impending doom. (which companies love to see so they can steal you for ½ - ⅔ of the money you’re really worth) In my humble opinion, it’s a safe/smart move to start off with; especially in the current times.

I wish you the very best, it was great working with you.

Who’s replacing you?

"No hay mal que por bien no venga"
There is no bad that comes without a good.
Always look for the positive in things.

“De que tocan a llover, no hay más que abrir el piraguas”
If it starts raining, one has nothing left but to open up one´s umbrella.

~(He would come in at the end of his shift and correct my “Buenos noches” with “Buenos tardes”, and try to tutor me in other Spanish which I never remembered.)~


Anyway, this brightened my day, and it is after all “toot your own horn” day, so what a perfect thing to share! I hope you all have similar words of support to brighten your day. Now go toot your horn!


  1. I had a good end to today to, my company gave me a certificate to celebrate my five year anniversary.

    The paper looked expensive

    Felt a little awkward when they said "good work over the five years, and we hope for many more to come."

    Well that makes the one of you, I did spend my afternoon updating the resume...

    1. Yeah, I've done my share of complaining about my job. But at least I didn't complain "in front of the kids"!

      Congratulations on 5 years! I think I got a certificate for that milestone too, but our paper wasn't special.

  2. That's such a sweet and honest sounding letter! Thanks for sharing it as it was a real pleasure to read.

    My little horn toot for the day is that someone called me cute. I just love that :-)

    1. I'm glad you liked it. It's self-gratifying to put it out here, but after all "Toot Your Own Horn" (even if I made the holiday up for my own purposes) And random compliments are great!

      Henceforward, the 30th day of March shall be known as "Toot Your Own Horn Day". On this day all shall freely brag about things that make them proud, and none shall apologize for doing so!

      There. It's official.

    2. I copied your post idea ;)

  3. What a wonderful boost of confidence when somebody actually recognizes your gifts and contributions to your job. It is rare that people get recognized for their abilities and outstanding work effort. I know too much about that, unfortunately.

    I don't really have anything to toot today. It is grey and cold here. I am looking forward to meeting Thoughtsy tonight to see the Hunger Games, though. So I guess there's that. I'll toot my own horn later . . . after I win the Mega Millions. :D If I win, I'll buy lunch.

    1. I think I like that it came from an employee. I've printed it out and will use it as a reference when I'm in the job hunt.

      Everyone gets references from supervisors! (And I'll collect those letters too, just in case!)

  4. Congratulations! It feels good to know that other people recognize and appreciate what you do.

    I can toot my own horn today also. I had a teaching placement today that I was not very excited about, but it much better than I anticipated and I actually did quite well. I.m looking forward to going back next week.

    1. That's awesome! woot-woot!

      Doing so well that your mind is at ease for the future is a definite pat-on-the-back moment. I can't wait to hear about it.

  5. It's nice to receive a note that is totally unexpected like that. Considering he didn't even have to write a letter to you and took the time to do it anyways makes it mean a lot more.

    1. I agree. I was the definition of "gobsmacked".


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