08 March, 2012

Something Serious, Something Fun…For Me

Seriously, dudes…
Today is “International Women’s Day”. In honor of the day, I would like to say that my favorite woman ever, of all time, across all political, geographical or chronological boundaries is Aung San Suu Kyi. This woman is the big bomb-diggity of everything! I’d like to say she inspires me, but I have no interest in getting involved in politics, and I’m not likely to change the world or my country in any major way, so maybe “inspire” isn’t the correct word. I will say she gives me hope for the planet. As long as there are women like her who are concerned enough to step up when needed, there is hope for us all.

I hope that the changes being promised by the Burmese government will actually take place, but will skeptically wait and see. Freeing Suu Kyi from house arrest was simply a good political move to make them look good in the eyes of the world, but what is really going on in the hills and jungles of Burma? 

…And yes, I’m using the name “Burma” intentionally. Did you know that it was the military dictatorship that simply decided to change the country’s name to “Myanmar”? If we don’t recognize the political leadership as having true authority, why are we accepting their enforced name change? Hmm?


Fun for me (teehee) ... 
Dudes, I am a Geography Nerd (among my various nerd-hats). I had a whole post written about the Storm of ’62 (which I advised you yesterday was the 50th anniversary, and a reason to celebrate), because personally, I think it’s fascinating to watch weather make monkeys of us all. But then as I told my mom about this documentary about it that any weather-junkie or geography-junkie would love, she suggested it was fascinating to me not for those reasons, but because I’m connected to the area. Okay, maybe so.

It’s one thing I’ll miss when I move. Delaware is an unfound state to most people. I’m a Geography Nerd and still used to have to find it through process of elimination! …you know, one by one naming the rest of the small states, until only Delaware was left. (hint: we’re not in New England.)

But since most Americans are NOT geography nerds, and most of my readers from outside the US don’t really need to know specifically where I am, I deleted all the boring delightful geography-related stuff. However, so that they don’t revoke my Geography Nerd card, I feel I MUST at least include a map, so here:

(I love worldatlas[dot]com.)

Don’t you think Delaware looks a bit like Idaho, only shrunk down? (and without the mountains, but you can't tell that from a map.)
...here, for comparison... 


Indiana’s not nearly so interesting.

...But at least I’ll be able to eat popcorn off a cob! (For real. I have photos. If you’re good maybe someday I’ll show you.)

AND of course: Reasons to Celebrate!
International Women's Day, obviously. (We're doing a Girls' Night Out at a Mexican restaurant, for no particular reason.)
Also, "Purim", a Jewish festival celebrating liberation from the Persians.
Also? It's a Full Moon! Get your HOWL on!


  1. Enjoy your margarita filled celebration!

    1. Yum. And the restaurant in question has good food, too. I've already decided I need to eat all the scallops I can between now and moving inland.

  2. Damn! I typed up the longest bit of feedback for you! All about different states and Canada's unimaginative districts (or whatever they call them)... but then I had to reboot and all sorts of things - and of course lost the comment before I could post!

    Anyway, Happy Women's Day lol... Ummm yes, Delaware and Idaho are much nicer looking than Indiana!

    1. LOL. Sorry about your reboot. I'd love to have read your comments.

      It's not so much that I care what the state looks like on the map, but I just think Delaware has a great personality.

  3. My parents relocated to Delaware. From MD. Yeah, I don't know either. But they live very near to Lewes, which you can see on the map. I know, that is really interesting, right?

    On a related note . . . you can see MY state on that map as well, so HOLLA MD!! What what!! Ahem, sorry . . .

    A full moon is not something to celebrate in my line of work. All the crazies come out and it is usually an absolutely absurd and frustrating day in court. Every. Damn. Time. Luckily for me? Office Day!! Yay! :)

    Have fun tonight. Have a margarita for me with your girls. I'm just going home to my boys. Not quite as festive. Maybe I'll remind them what day it is and make them wait on me hand and foot. Hmmm, a girl can dream.

    1. That is awesome! Lewes is hailed as "the first town in the first state". Are your folks retired? Everyone retires to Delaware.

      If all the crazies are out, isn't that more cause for some liquid fortification? Just offering the excuse, should you need one!

  4. A full moon means crazy night at the Sheriff's Office. I hate working those nights. It's more fun if you're not in the office.

    Delaware is easy to miss on a map. It looks like it just got slid in there amongst the others. Before your map, I don't think I could name a single city in Delaware, other than the capital.

    1. HA! That's because they aren't cities. Dover, of course, and the largest city is Wilmington, which is sort of an extension of Philly. (Don't say I said that.)

      And the moon looks gorgeous. Might be a good night to take a near-final nighttime walk on the beach. Hmm...

  5. Just found your blog but read your latest post. As someone who lives in Indiana, it's about as interesting as it is on a map. Blah!

    1. I don't have anything against Indiana, but if it wasn't for family, I probably wouldn't be heading there just now.

      If you're curious why I am, check out my post about "asking the cosmos is it okay to boomerang".

      Welcome! Maybe I'll see you when I get there! (Oh wait, your state is a bit bigger than Delaware. Prob'ly not.)

    2. I haven't been in your situation as far as coming home to family because I've never left. That would be the only reason I am in Indiana, family. But I know, if I was somewhere, and something happened to my mom, such as what happened to your dad, I would be heading back too. So I definitely understand your reasons for moving.

      Good luck to you and your family. I look forward to following your adventures in the wide open spaces of Indiana. And by using adventures and Indiana in the same sentence, that would be sarcasm.

  6. I only know Delaware from Mike Myers' "Wayne's World"

    We have flooding in the eastern states here in Australia at the moment, three years ago we were in the 8th year of drought

    Weather makes us Mother Nature's Bitch.


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