28 March, 2012

Life Revolves Around Food

I started a list of things I’ll miss when I move to the American Midwest, and was a little ashamed at how much of it involved food. If I satisfied all my closure issues by eating all the things on that list, I’d weigh 400 pounds before I move! Why is that?

I went out last night with a friend I don’t see very often anymore, just to be sure we got to say good-bye, in case we can’t make our schedules work to get together later. Originally it was going to be coffee; then I suggested a glass of wine instead, because coffee that late would leave me wired. When we got to the bar/restaurant we had agreed on, we realized it was happy hour and they had some lovely appetizers on special.

Scallops. One thing I will miss in Indiana. I’m sure some high-end restaurant somewhere out there has scallops on the menu, but how fresh could they be? And how experienced could they be at proper preparation? Oh my heavens how I love scallops! My mouth is watering to think of them. Properly seared they just melt in the mouth. Yum. Clams in chowder are fine. Oysters – eh, you can have them. (I’ve had them fresh and that is gross.) Mussels are actually hard to get out of the shell, believe it or not. But scallops…my favorite of the bi-valve shell-fish.

So I ordered the jumbo scallop appetizer, she ordered crab cakes, and we split the fried pickles. (That was all her. I just tried them…like potato chips with dill pickle juice. Tasty, but I have a sense of shame for eating deep-fried vegetables.)

She freely said that she always likes to get together with friends for food. (She’s Jamaican and makes FANTASTIC Jerk Chicken.) I agreed there’s often not much alternative when trying to get together.

Me: We could go for a walk.

Her: If we ate afterward!

~~You would not assume she felt so attached to food to look at her. She must have a hollow leg.

I forgot to get a picture of the food. Is that bad?
Aphrodite and I went to the symphony Friday, accompanied by a delicious meal at Iron Hill Brewery – which is a very nice restaurant, more than a brewery – on the river front in Wilmington. The other day she called to see about having dinner tomorrow night.

I got an email from a coworker about a “Red’s last day” luncheon on my last day at the office. Again, food.

I’m not complaining, I enjoy eating with friends. And what else are we going to do? Especially the work party. Really? Sit around and shoot the breeze? No. There has to be food.

My niece spent a month with me one summer (another post for after I move and have access to my photos) and she was in a bike accident and taken to the ER. It wasn’t a huge deal, but she got a huge amount of sympathy. When I went to pick her up – and okay, let’s talk about the heart attack of a single non-parent who is responsible for a teenager and gets the call from the ER! Holy schnockers! Talk about my heart pounding out of my chest! – when she was all bandaged up and ready to go, what did I say?

Me: Would you like to stop for ice cream on the way home?

Her: Yeah, that sounds really good.

Of course it sounds good! Comfort food, baby!

So I have a dinner tomorrow night. Dinner in Baltimore probably next week sometime (and coffee or something with Misty whenever that happens). Indian food sometime. A going away “luncheon” at work. My own “help me drain my liquor cabinet” party on the 20th. A farewell reception at my church.

…it’s all food! Conclusion: “Goodbye” is all about food.

Today’s Reason (not?) to Celebrate (again, thank you Cranky&Difficult :
The 3-Mile Island nuclear plant meltdown near Harrisburg, PA - Let’s all celebrate surviving it! (Vesta can you hook us up with a “Nuclear” beverage of choice?)


  1. Ah yes... food is such a good thing. The first word I ever said was "light" - and the second word was "hungry" lol...

    I remember waking up in the morning and following the smell of breakfast to the kitchen. As I walked through the house I would be moaning in a zombie-like voice "huuuuuuuunnnnngggggrrrryyyyyyyyy...... huuuunnnnngggggrrrrryyyyyyyy.............
    huuu.... nnnnn......gggggg....rrrr....yyyy....."

    I'm not sure how old I was when I stopped this wonderful custom ;-)

    1. I have a long history of ice-cream. I cannot keep it in the house. I am amazed the ice-cream from the beer floats lasted me 2 whole days after the floats!

      But Indian food really does me in. The restaurant I like out here has a buffet. I never get it because it's always too mild, so I order off the menu. One time I did the buffet and that is The. Most. Uncomfortably full I've ever been.

  2. The East Coast does do seafood well.

    I love food. I'm going to tell people I'm moving to Indiana with you so I can get some tasty food, too.

    1. I forgot you're out this way too. You and Misty should totally come to my "Help me drain my liquor cabinet" party. The only thing is you can't tell anyone here that I have a blog.

      I don't know what the food will be though. Probably not seafood.

      It may well involve wandering down to the beach with giant glasses of random mixed drinks.

  3. I am a lover of food too. Years ago, it was part of my weekend ritual to drive to another town to try a restaurant I had heard about. Sometimes, it was a lengthy drive. Living in a small town, I have eaten everything there is here.

    There is no comparison between the seafood here in the Midwest and the great stuff you can get on the coast. I loved seafood until I had it fresh. Now I can hardly eat the stuff here.

    1. Although I do like catfish...so that's good.

      And Indiana's popcorn country. And I like that, too! I actually have a picture of me eating popcorn straight from the cob. For real! It's pretty funny to me, but the picture will not see the light of the blogosphere because it isn't from my childhood.

  4. Red- Oh how I not only love your blog, but a blog about food!!!! I'm in!! I really need this for my recovery, but I am disappointing that you don't like fried pickles. I have worked in a lot restaurants and I have to say there is a big difference on fried pickles.

    If they are the spears its great...if its the chips not so great!!!

    Hope that you have a great time at all your food/drinking parties...I know that you will be missed.

    1. Apparently the luncheon at work was supposed to be a surprise. She was so mad when I replied. But I hate surprise parties and always end up ruining them, so I told her not to be upset, that it was divine intervention!

      So I think we're good.

      ...but I may be in for a weepy month...

  5. All events pretty much revolve around food. As it should be. At work, we try to take people out to lunch for their birthdays. I had 2 birthday lunches. While I'm trying to diet. It is obligatory, so I can't just say no, and I can't have a salad when I'm being taken out to lunch (I mean I guess I could but why?), so I end up getting real food and usually real booze which is so much more than I usually eat for lunch. Every event at work also revolves around food. Going away parties, baby showers, holiday parties, secretary days, random peope bringing in pastries etc. to share. Always food. I wonder why I'm so damn fat.

    I am going to be away next week for my kids spring break, but should be home by thursday. Just FYI for your planning purposes.

    And Wilmington is probably a good hour+ for me and would be hour and a half or more for Thoughtsy. We are both west of Bmore. Wish you were closer. I would love to come to your party.

    1. I'm actually in "Lower, Slower" Delaware, but that doesn't help if you're west of the city. I'll try to fix Baltimore into the week after Easter, then.

      >sigh< I'm going to miss this place. I love having so many urban options.

  6. How far are you from OC, MD? That's actually where we will be next week if that is easier for you to get to. But I know you wanna actually see Bmore again, so whatever is easier for you.

    1. Dude! I work about 45 minutes north of OC! I don't want to invade your spring vacation, but if you're serious, that's totally easy for me.

      I don't know OC as well as Rehoboth/Dewey, so you'll have to pick the spot.

    2. Ok, once we figure out if we are staying north or downtown (yep, 4 days away. We don't like to rush these things), I'll let you know. Do I have your email? Mine's mistyslaws at gmail dot com. Email me so I can contact you outside the blog.

  7. Food is a huge part of my moods. It is so hard now that I am taking care of myself again, I haven't eaten a french fry in four months, and recently, on my mom's birthday, I did a red velvet cake but managed to resist eating any myself.
    I cook almost every meal from scratch in our house, and I do love it, but I joke that I will give them food poisoning one of these days just so they won't want me to cook for a while.
    Deep fried pickles are THE BOMB! But not if they are sweet. Sweet pickles should be illegal.
    You may be losing out on quality seafood, but I have a feeling you are in for the best steaks you have ever eaten in your life. Mmmm. Meeeeaaaat.

    1. Oh no, they were dill. They were tasty. I just try to steer away from fried foods.

      (and I hate to disappoint, but I don't eat red meat, so I won't be having steak at all.)

  8. My world revolves around food, and I'm not even joking. Thus why I've spent so much time learning how to cook - why rely on others when I can make that great food myself?

    And I hate living in a place that has no fresh seafood. I could live off of shrimp and scallops for the rest of my life.

    1. Cooking takes too long for me. If I'm home and get hungry, I don't want to have to wait, and I don't want to have to smell all the good smells while I'm fixing something to eat that will be ready in an hour.

      Patience is a virtue...I just don't have it.

  9. I've seen frozen scallops at the grocery store. Even the frozen ones are expensively crazy

    1. That's what I figured. I'll survive. I'll be closer to Chicago, and that is the pizza that beats out all other pizzas everywhere.

      There must be balance in the Force, even when it comes to food!


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