09 April, 2012

Easter Oopsie!

What a train wreck start to my Sunday!

One of the joys of living where I do is that there is an Easter sunrise service down at the boardwalk, looking out at the ocean to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic. It’s glorious. I haven’t gone every year but being my last opportunity, I definitely went this weekend.

Last year when I went downtown for the 6am service, it was hard to find parking, and amazingly not one coffee shop near the boardwalk was open even by the time the service ended. The nearest place I could get early coffee was back near the highway (which became one of my favorite bakeries).

This year I allowed myself plenty of time for parking, leaving home at 5:30. (it’s only about 12-15 minutes to get there.)  I got an AWESOME parking spot – two places up from the bandstand where the musicians were warming up! It was about 12 minutes before 6:00.

Wait…only 12 minutes until the service? Where was everyone? I walked the boardwalk for a few minutes…it was just beginning to lighten on the horizon.

When I looked at the clock over the Thrasher’s Boardwalk Fries shop, and saw that it was past 6:00, I knew that I had the time wrong.

Last year Easter was later in April.

The sun rises earlier as it gets later in the spring.

If sunrise is later early in April, the sunrise service is presumably scheduled later. DUH!

Ugh. I had to be at my own church by 7:00, and the service at the beach started at 6:30.
...And I had to stop by my favorite bakery to pick up the pie I had ordered.

I enjoyed the boardwalk a while longer.

It was getting lighter, but still dim.
See how early it was? The moon hadn't even set!

A little before 6:30 I went back over to the bandstand, where people were beginning to get settled in to worship…with their coffee from I don’t know where.

I was able to sing with them a song or two, but as the sun rose I moved to get a better picture...

Sunrise over the Atlantic!

and then I just headed to my car to go, get my pie and a cup o’ joe, and head off to my own church.

It looked nice, and smelled great, just different from the beach!
The rest of the day rolled along, but what a messy way to start a beautiful day! 


  1. I'm glad it worked out despite the chaotic beginning.

    I have never been to an outdoor sunrise service. We have service at sunrise, but it is indoors. Basically, it is just church, but really early.

    1. I have to write about my first Easter sunrise service, which was in India, and set the tone for my expectations that "sunrise" services should be outdoors, where you can see the sun rise!

      I don't think location really matters, although it is very nice to do it at the beach!

  2. Wow, that is a shame. But look at it this way . . . you got to spend some quiet time in the pre-dawn hour on the boardwalk and got to see the sun rise again over the Atlantic. And even if you didn't get to stay for the service, you had your own service, so didn't really miss anything. Bright side?

    The pictures are beautiful by the way. And yeah, that perfect parking spot would have been my first clue that I was way too early. I have never once in my life parked that close to that bandstand. I'm usually 3 blocks back, but that's ok, cuz I like walking past all the kitchy shops along that road anyway. Even though I imagine they are not open that early.

    1. Exactly, I had time for private meditation. And because I'm involved in the music at my church, those two services were less reflective for me, lovely though they were.

      Parking is better during the winter, generally, but you're right. That was my first clue.

  3. Shwoops! What a beautiful service - I would totally go to church more if it was on a beach :)

    1. I know, right! I think outdoor worship is always awesome.

  4. I thought you were going to say that you came too late - so this is definitely the better version. As far as oopsies go... not too bad :-) The pictures are beautiful.

    1. I got my oopsie over with early in the day. When I got to my church for music practice, I found a bunch of other people were having a similar morning of "oopsies"!

  5. Replies
    1. Yes! Early is definitely better than late!

  6. I as true night owl, I wish to re-iterate what you said about sunsets. "Spoiler alert - the sun rises"

    That being said, it was well worth it to get up for the sunrise service at school. Something about the freshness of the air and the glory of a new morning that lends itself to a religious service. I do not do the "sunrise services" that are basically just a 6am indoor service. Too early for my voice.


    1. Exactly. If it's outside, I'm game. Otherwise I might as well go at the normal time.


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