02 May, 2017


Today's prompt is "What do you miss?"

Well, since moving to China, my answer is pretty much... the title! Not really, but there are many things I could say. Since this writing prompt isn't just for people who've moved to strange places and might miss things from home, I believe it's meant to reflect on the past. With that in mind, I thought long and hard for something I missed, even before moving overseas.

I miss having a piano. I got one in Delaware, and sold it when I moved to the Midwest. When I first moved, I lived with my parents, who have a nice baby grand, plus a pump organ, plus a pipe organ, so... it was a step up!

Then I got an apartment. Second floor, and I would never do that in an apartment anyway. But after moving to my second apartment in Indy, I started thinking about getting an electronic keyboard. Those have a volume setting. The soundboard in an actual piano means that even playing softly has resonance.

Here in China, I am considering that option again, but want to get a handle on how long we might stay before making such a significant purchase.

I'm not an amazing pianist. 
I make many mistakes. 
I have precisely one piece memorized, which I did after piano shopping and feeling like a tool because all I could do was run a scale when testing the keys. But I like to just sit and play, mistakes and all. It's something to do, and it's an emotional outlet. Well, it can be. It can also be a project, as I actually work on learning a piece! 

I'm so out of practice. What do you miss from your past?


  1. My sister got a keyboard with the weighted keys, so it feels a lot more like playing a real piano. I wonder how hard it would be to find one there? I say you need one! I had a piano for a while but ended up giving it away... I just didn't use it enough and never practiced like I should have. Maybe someday I'll try again? You should get one and practice for both of us ;)

    1. I've seen them. Not sure about pricing. Yamaha is a great brand, and those are made in Japan... so maybe on a future visit there.

  2. I don't miss any-THING from my past. But I miss my husband very much! What I wouldn't give for just one more day! And he always wanted to play the piano but never did! I thought about him as I read your post today!

    1. Understood. I can't imagine. I would guess reminders of him are everywhere, so every day must have its bittersweet moments.


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