06 May, 2017

Holiday? What Holiday?

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo... a holiday that commemorates a little-known battle, that is significant to a small region in southern Mexico. I think. Cinco de Mayo has become a fun time for Americans to go out and drink Margaritas or tequila shots, although it isn't a "real" holiday for most of our Mexican compatriots.

I liken it to St. Patrick's Day. A holiday that is ostensibly Irish, but really is a much bigger deal in the States than in Ireland. A chance for Americans to go out and drink Irish beer or whiskey.

When we mentioned to a Russian friend that we were looking for Mexican places in Beijing that might have Cinco de Mayo specials, her first question was "what's Five May?" and when we explained as I just did here, her next question was "So do you have any fake Russian holidays?"

Well, no, not that I know of. 

Then again, it was what, like 150-200 years after the Spanish-American war before we started doing Cinco de Mayo on a grand scale? And right up to the 90s Americans were told to hate and distrust the Russians. So if we consider the Cold War as a marker, we still have about 100-150 years to build cross-cultural ties with Russia before conscripting one of their holidays!

I would like to find one now, and start using a Russian holiday as a chance to celebrate by drinking vodka shooters and Black or White Russians! Let's get on this.

What cross-cultural holidays am I forgetting? 

Chinese New Year is more about fireworks than booze. Maybe.

Mardi Gras - a French holiday to load up on sugar, fat, and liquor.



  1. LOL! This was fun to read. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in China may be a hoot! We had Chinese food here this weekend. Probably not like the food you eat in China. Americans rarely get the food right!!

    1. We looked up restaurants with CdM specials, and went to a promising one... but it had changed to a fancy, non-ethnic place. That happens a lot here. We got our margaritas, and headed off for pizza and beer.
      I prefer Cinco de Mayo in Indianapolis, frankly!


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