15 May, 2017

The Goal Post

Haha. Goal Post. Like a football goal-post, get it? I got the jokes today.

Not really. The prompt is "What are your goals for the next 30 days?" So since I'm setting goals today, I wanted a title that I can easily find to check back on myself.

(Weak beginning, step it up, Red.)

First, I have been successfully posting every day, even when it's kind of crap. But I have been only so-so about checking in with the blogs I follow, and I want to fix that. So I think for the next 30 days I should intentionally visit my reading list daily. It's not realistic to check out every new post every day, but I will visit at least one from my reading list every day. And I need to update the blogroll on this page, to the right.

Second, I need to broaden my horizons. I will visit a new blog every day. My hopeful goal is to find at least one a week to ADD to my reading list. That would be cool. (Ann Bennett, if you are reading this, please provide your blog link!)

Those are blogging goals. In life, there are a few things I need to do within the next month.

PRIMARY TARGET - Tickets. We are planning a return visit to the US, and it is causing me deep depression and anxiety. Nothing is easy here, and somehow, planning a trip is even worse than getting a work visa! I hate it, and I typically love planning... I can feel my pulse racing just writing about it. But I MUST get our tickets this week. Today if possible. This was on my to-do list for last week, but when I went to buy them I found more hoops to jump through and these are on fire. 
Just shoot me now. :-(

Work Target - My final TKT test is in June. This is a 3-part test that provides me with a certificate saying I am qualified to teach English. I did the first two parts in December. I have about a month to finish the workbook in preparation for the final test.

Finally, the school year will end for me within the next 30 days and I am looking forward to never teaching again! That's not the goal, though. The woman who has been our primary contact in placing us in schools knows I will not be teaching next term, and I look forward to building a friendship with her without the strain of work. She is very sweet and kind and smart, but as our main contact, she hears all the complaints. 

Friends are good. I'm looking forward to meeting this goal. What about you? As summer begins, what do you have on the agenda?


  1. I have a few summer goals that involve things around the house. I have been so lazy. (Maybe a bit depressed, too) Getting around to reading my favorite blogs today

    1. Low energy, depression, whatever. The best thing I learned from my mindfulness challenge was to think of three things I did, at the end of the day. List them, as accomplishments. Sometimes, the fact that I made the bed and washed the dishes in the sink make the list!

      And I've started adding reading, if I get in any reading. I need to get back to reading more.


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