13 May, 2017

The Best Ever!

In contrast to yesterday, the prompt is to write about a part of my life that's kicking butt.
Easy Peasey.

I have a great job.
I had a great job in the States before we moved to China, too, but that was different. 

I work at the office of a publishing company, and speak English. I'm their English expert. My degree is in business communication - focus on written - so this is actually perfectly suited to my skills and education.

They have video-recorded me reading story books for young children just learning English, and we are in the process of scripting little videos that incorporate their beginning English curriculum, for very young learners. There are several other story book series' on tap for future recording, too.

I lead a conversational English chat group, where I teach parents short statements they can use specifically with their children, to help the kids practice English in the home. Things like "Zip up your coat" or "Breakfast is ready!" 

I have already gone through the English version of their website, to make it readable. Chinese is a very concise language, and a strict translation that you get from a translating app does not often make any kind of sense. So I was given the Chinese text, the literal English translation, and went through and added punctuation, articles, prepositions, everything to make it read well to an English speaker.

When my boss first hired me, she mentioned, "And maybe someday you will write a book, and we can publish it!" I don't know about all that, but I'd love to do some of their editing. 

The office has just a few employees, only one of whom speaks English fluently (besides the boss). It's easy to focus because I'm not distracted. Everyone is very nice, and seems to enjoy working there. So in addition to enjoying my actual work, it's a nice environment to be in.

Right now, it's just 10 hours a week, very part time, but the position is already changing and growing. I would be happy to do 20 hours a week if we get to that point!


  1. This sounding very interesting. I am glad that you are enjoying what you are doing there!

    1. I'm just waiting for this school year to end - at the end of JUNE, so I'm free and clear to do this. Anything else will be a side-job, and lower priority.


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