11 May, 2017

Learned the Hard Way?

Today's prompt is "A Lesson Learned the Hard Way" Really? Is there an easy way? I mean, I guess I learned a lot of lessons by watching others get into trouble...

Okay, yeah. I learned the hard way not to follow my middle sister into all of her shenanigans. One time, I followed her into our eldest sister's room, on her word that she'd left something there, and we both got spanked for breaking Big Sis' privacy. OOPS!

I'm kind of at a loss here. I'm one of those people who has to re-learn life lessons multiple times. If I wasn't taught in school, it takes me a while. Just today, I learned the hard way that BOILING WATER IS HOT! ...as I poured straight from the kettle onto my hand.

So yeah, kind of everything under the sun is learned the hard way unless I was taught in school, or personally observed someone else (a sibling) get into trouble for it.


  1. Yikes! I cringed when I read that you poured boiling water on your hand! I hope it's not too bad! The lesson I learned the hard way was to listen to my mother. I had to learn that lesson many times. But I really should have listened when she told me the guy I was marrying wasn't the marrying type. I don't regret it since he is the father of my sons and I wouldn't trade that for anything (well, mostly) but I should have listened!!

    1. Blessings in disguise. I tell that to Brett: I'm sorry his first marriage didn't last, but if he hadn't married her, he would never be a father, and he's a really good dad.


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