09 May, 2017

To The Workmen Upstairs

Dear Neighbor in 1201,

I'm so envious that you are making improvements to your apartment! Personally, I hesitate to buy anything that would require a dry-wall screw - is this even dry-wall? It might be cement with plaster over it.

The new owners across the hall were making improvements a few weeks ago. For a while it was quite loud with all the drilling RIGHT HERE. I'm usually home in the mornings, and it sounded like they were drilling into OUR walls from the hallway! haha. They weren't, of course.

But see, the nice thing was, their workmen quit work at a reasonable time. Some days they were still at it when my husband came home from school, but not usually by the time I returned from my later work hours. And NEVER on the weekends. I know that because we saw the owners one day when they were checking on the work, and he told us that he instructed them on the hours they should and should not work.

It was very considerate.

Do you think it's possible that you could follow a similar guideline? Could you quit hammering and drilling earlier in the evening? Even by 7pm would be great. And Saturday is the one day that both my husband and I have free from work, so sometimes we like to sleep in a bit. Maybe you could wait to start work until 9am? Maybe quieter work could be done during the resting hours.

It would be a nice gesture. 
Thank you for considering my request.


  1. So inconsiderate! That is one of the things I didn't like about apartment living!

    1. Most of my apartment life was in places where hammering nails was the worst. These are more like condos that some people own and then renovate between tenants.
      I guess.


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