08 May, 2017

Music on Shuffle

Literally, the prompt was: Put your music on shuffle and share the first 10 songs.

I am providing the disclaimer that "my music" here is a shuffling of all of my CDs that I downloaded to my hard drive before we left the States. There is nothing current here. I hope you can appreciate the diversity though. I don't think this is an accurate representation of my collection, but it's kind of fun. I'm going to try to find files to share for the really unique pieces.

Here we go.

1. Bjork - Enjoy
 Here is a Sound file of the song
She's so bizarre.

2. The Cure - Just Like Heaven
This goes to the rock video
What a throw back! Classic Alternative...is that a thing now? It should be. All that 80s-early 90s Alternative was my life's soundtrack during those years.

3. Farzin - Yod Kardam (from "A Rough Guide to the Silk Road" collection of Asian music)
No video, just a sound file.
I actually like surrounding myself with world music at times. I got this CD at the Smithsonian, when my brother's family were living in Kyrgyzstan. Without the CD case, I don't know where this one is from.

4. Secret Garden - Evensong (No, not the musical. This is an actual musical group.)
Somewhat tamer than the previous three. 

5. Scott Joplin - Twee-Oodle-Um-Bum-Bo
This was such fun to listen to this morning on shuffle! I haven't listened to Scott Joplin in forever. In my ideal world, I will someday be able to perfectly play any ONE of his songs. This level of skill astounds me.

6. Tchaikovsky - Suite from Swan Lake #2
Not posting a link. I think I'd appreciate Swan Lake better if I ever saw the ballet.

7. Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby
I was surprised to find a music video for this! 
Deep Forest - Deep Forest is one of my favorite albums that I own. If you listen to this and understand, you get me. In the 90s these dudes traveled the world collecting unique music, and blended it together in studio in France. I find their stuff calming. If you like scenes from other countries, watch the video. It's pretty cool!

8. Billy Joel - Just the Way You Are
You know this one, don't you?

9. Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Silent Nutcracker
Not their typical rockin' sound - audio only.
If you know TSO for just their Christmas hits that make the rounds each year, you may not have heard this gentle guitar solo combining Silent Night and the Nutcracker.

Okay, so this was more fun than I expected. I guess I can always learn new ways to create variety within my blog!


  1. Oh Billy Joel....one of my favorite. And this is one of his best songs! Ever! And I clicked on Scott Joplin because you told me to! Lol. Not sorry. Great piano playing!!

    1. I was just sitting here smiling listening to that, and thought others might enjoy it. I didn't even remember I had that CD!


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