31 May, 2017

If the Covfefe Fits

I am always the last one on a trend. I never know about them until (usually) Brett tells me about something that happened or that he read somewhere. 

Today I happen to be awake and on my computer, and saw a bunch of tweets with #covfefe in them, so I looked up the hashtag, and joined the crowd.

It's the middle of the night in the States. For all the hub-bub, the average American is missing it by sleeping. They will awaken to a media furore*, and then the horrors of bipartisan reactions will set in. Right now is the fun. Some people are showing their political stripes through their tweets, but mostly it's goofy. I wish we could be this way all the time.

*yes. Furore, the British spelling has more impact.

The tweet heard 'round the world.
In case you missed it, POTUS apparently was tweeting about negative press coverage, and fell asleep. Or didn't proof-read and fell asleep before he could cancel it. "Covfefe!" It's a mistake anyone could make.

I'm never included in on the joke, so I am loving this.
You get a covfefe! And you get a covfefe! And you get a covfefe! Everyone gets a covfefe!


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  2. Once I learned about it, I made sure to knock out a dozen or so covfefe jokes. I love Twitter.

  3. Oh President Trump and his Tweets!!


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