03 May, 2017

The Lion and The Mouse

...That's my combo. I'm a Leo, born in the year of the Rat.

I do not believe constellations - a man-made construct - determine anything about human personalities. Nor do I believe that every 12th year, people are born with similar traits. 

I once read something about the possibility that the foods available at the time a mother is pregnant may play into it. That's great, and may explain how the myth began, but has little bearing in the modern world when we eat all foods at all times of the year!

Once I was in a play with someone determined to convince me astrology is real. She did my chart, very little of which I remember... planets rising or falling in which "house"? 
Sidebar: If the planets play into it, what about Pluto? It used to impact things, now it doesn't?
The one thing I remember that actually fits is my moon sign. See, your "sign" is really your sun-sign: the constellation that the sun is in when you are born. That's the biggie for your personality. As I understand it. Your moon-sign is supposed to be more in tune with your subconscious. Or something. My moon sign is Pisces. The polar opposite to Leo. So my personality and my psyche are at odds.

NO WONDER I'm such a screwed up mess! I leap before I look and end up feeling bad for hurting people's feelings. I get depressed when things are going perfectly fine.

But no. I don't believe that's because of the stars or the moon's alignment to earth. And Chinese zodiac is even more confusing. I know the tale: It's about the order in which all the animals arrived at Buddha's feast. (I think it was Buddha. Maybe not.) And the elements play into it.

I'm a much bigger believer in birth order psychology and its effects. I'm the fourth of five, the youngest daughter, and the offspring from the union of the baby of one family and the middle child from another. THAT'S something I could sit and unpack for hours!

Today's prompt was to write about my zodiac sign and whether I think it fits me or not. Could you tell? What are your thoughts on this? For some people it's a hot button subject, I know.


  1. I don't believe in any of this! Sometimes my horoscope gets it right on the button. And sometimes it is so far off it's funny! You wrote about it well!

    1. Thank you. Horoscopes are so vague. I enjoy reading all of them and seeing which one I like the best for that day. But after reading, I usually forget it immediately, so I have no way of knowing the accuracy.


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