21 May, 2017

Fuzzy Truth - FiveMinuteFriday

Just a short Five-Minute Friday post. On these posts, I follow the one-word prompt from Kate at Heading Home.  
If you want to join, click that link to her blog. Every Friday is a new word, and the only rules are:  Write for 5 minutes.  Link your post on hers.  (You have a whole week to get your post up.)

It's pretty cool, and I find a new blog every week.

This week's one-word is "Truth". 

Timer starting...

My best friend is a real stickler for the truth. She will cut you out of her life if she catches you in a lie... maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but she won't trust you again. That lie will kick you in the shins for the rest of your relationship. I've seen it happen.

My husband is a great story-teller. He prefers to tell it the way it is funniest. He's popular on social media, and makes friends easily. When it counts, face to face, he's honest. He just has a fuzzy idea on the value of truth. It took me a while to get completely comfortable with that.

Which is best? Personally, I can't lie. Is that why I'm not nearly as popular as my husband on social media, and I struggle to make friends? I don't think so.

Truth is, I've gotten better at appreciating the moment for the moment. I'm trying to learn to accept things that happen and let go of the things that I only wished to happen. My will cannot change what is.

It might change the way I remember something happening, but the truth is, in fact, the truth. The truth is not what I over-analyze it to be even!

What is, is. I pray that it is right.

Stop timer.


  1. I'm a lot like your friend. A stickler for truth. I hate lies. They oftentimes bring so much pain to those around the liars. And yes, we often make our truth to be something different than others even remember. Interesting isn't it? I'm behind you at Kate's this week.

    1. I have four siblings. If I ever wrote a memoir, I'd have a lot of consulting to do!

  2. I have a hard time trusting someone who has lied to me. I love how you described your husband. LOL!

    1. We sometimes have convoluted conversations because he's so used to being a little fuzzy about things, that he thinks he's giving a straight answer, when I expected a yes or no, but he gives a roundabout phrase that, in his mind, is a clear yes or no, but doesn't sound that way to my ears!

      I blame my dad. For years, he has been one of those annoying "I don't know, 'can' I pass the salt?" types. For everything.


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