14 May, 2017


I'm in another slump, where trying to list things I enjoy is a good idea and might help, so I'm actually doing this prompt... if I can. They want FIVE things that make me LOL. Hmmm...

Here in China, I have to say, the off-color accidental misspellings make me laugh out loud. Or not even misspellings, but statements that would be off-color in the States and nobody knows the difference here.

Like the student with the legend "F*** Off" written across the knees of his pants. Seriously.  A 6-yr-old.

Or the teenager wearing a T-shirt telling the world "This body's for you" - really? For whom?

The examples are endless.

Secondly, my own typos often cause me to laugh out loud. It's fairly lonely in my head, and sometimes while proofing my own work at the engineering firm in Indy, I'd see something I wrote incorrectly that made an audible laugh escape my lips. No one around would understand if I explained, but it amused me!

Third, Douglas Adams' writing style. I'm currently re-reading So Long and Thanks for All the Fish and frequently laugh out loud. Actually there are several authors that do this: Jenny Lawson and Dave Barry come to mind. One time in the 90s I laughed out loud to Dave Barry while sitting at a bus-stop. The people around me were very curious what was causing my reaction!

That's all I can think of. Some TV shows do, my husband does, but I can't think of particular reasons that cause the laughter. 

... this is not my best work. As I think of better examples, I might update this post.


  1. I sometimes laugh out loud at commercials. Not very often because most of them aren't very good!

    1. The advent of the internet has led to a lack of quality TV commercials, I think.

      I can still sing the jingles from most of the major ads that ran during the summer before we moved overseas in the 80s.


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