21 June, 2013

Zombie from Hell - It's a New Look for Me

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my postings this morning, but to sum up:

A) I awoke feeling like a zombie.
B) When I got to work I felt like a zombie in hell.

The day didn't really improve. It just got tiring.
So I decided to shop after work. Might as well add to the hell. 

I hate shopping, but I had seen an "over-the-door" ironing board at Target and my little counter-top version has seemed sub-par since then.

...I hate ironing, too, but even more, I hate not being able to sit on the sweet window seat in my bedroom because of the 3 pairs of pants sitting on it, glaring at me, accusing me of negligent care for not ironing...

So I went to get the ironing board. And see what else jumped out at me.

I passed the shoes, so I looked, and even tried on a pair, but at about 8 minutes I realized my attention was fading, so moved on.

More than anything else, the worst form of hell of all is: clothing shopping. I really only buy clothes if either I'm desperate, or they practically jump off the rack at me. There was a cute top that jumped off the rack, so I tried it on. Blah. Cute on the hanger, shapeless on me.


Ironing board. check.
Some baking needs. check.
Oh! Looking for a tea kettle...
Wait, a big saucepan is $40-$50? Crap. I need a big saucepan at some point, too. Not today. Tea kettle...tea kettle...

I know it's time to leave when I start "hmm"-ing out loud as I consider items on the shelf:
"Hmm" - considering this one.
"H-hm" - I don't know, maybe this one.
"...hhmmmmmm..." - get me out of here!

OH! And then the sweet retiree ringing me up. I loved hiring senior citizens for summer work at my old job. They're reliable, usually pleasant, and as long as they're trainable, you have a good employee who won't rock the boat. But he was meticulously slow and gave me all the details about the credit card options I had. Fortunately I was just worn out, and not on the verge of tears (which has happened from shopping overload).

I got what I needed, including 7-up so that I could make the fantastic margaritas I make. (Sorry Brett, I had to use one of your beers.)

The good news is, a margarita and some Big Bang Theory, and I can see the light!

Maybe tomorrow will be less hellish. Maybe my margaritas will ensure a solid night's sleep!