28 April, 2012

Slowly Beginning to Fulfill my IOU...and Indiana Randomness

So here I am in Indiana,
...somewhere in here...

or as Bozo likes to say “The Brett Zone”… although we’re still not in the same timezone, so….

ANYway, just to “fill in a little’a the details” (Sally Tomato, in Breakfast at Tiffany’s), from way back in February, I told you that my parents have a pipe organ in their house, but I didn’t have access to my photo of the organ. Now that I’m actually at their house, here you go:

Proof that I wasn’t merely exaggerating to make a point.

This is a short post, because I have to sort through the boxes in the hallway and get stuff out of the way, and would like to do so before they return from town. Most everything is in their shed (the same shed where Dad sets up the woodsplitter, and keeps his axe and chainsaw)

all my worldly goods and possessions
...except what's in the house for immediate use.

…but I HAVE to tell you this tiny little thing that just happened. Before leaving, my dad was looking out the back door, and apparently saw a squirrel. He loves to torment them by opening that door, because it has a gasket to make it seal tightly, and makes a squeaking noise when he opens it, that makes the squirrels run.  He was opening and closing it several times in succession last night, when Mom asked what he was doing. “Scaring the squirrels off the lawn.” …as in “duh!” Oh…the retired lifestyle.

Can you see this link?

You might have already seen this Squirrel Slingshot before. It's not anything they have going here, but who knows, they might!
Now to catch up where I left off.
I recently failed you when I was given the list of Eleven (see this post). I was unable to connect you with 11 blogs at that moment because I'm a goober I forgot my planner my dog ate my blog I take this seriously and wanted to point you in new directions.

Continuing with the blog recommendations I owe you:

The Oatmeal http://theoatmeal.com/ - grammar stuff, in a fun way!

Musings of a Country Preacher http://predigtamt.wordpress.com/ - It's not all religious, preachy stuff, although he does seem to include his sermons most of the time. There's actually a variety of other media here.

Now I owe you just 5 more blogs.

26 April, 2012

Eleven Questions - and Farewell for Now

So a week or two ago Brett tagged me with these questions. Some of them have answers that are stories in and of themselves, and some not so much. (You might want to refill your coffee cup and settle in.) Also, I may seem to be sitting on the fence in some of these answers, just because I value both sides of the equation. I'm all open-minded like that!
It took some time to think of the answers...
Also, I'm rearranging the order of these questions. My inner Vulcan has spoken, and the order they appear here is more logical than the order in which they were presented to me. For the original order (I think), please visit Brett.
1.      Book or movie and why? My inner Bibliophile says book, but The Movie Whore says movie. Often I end up watching the movie first, just because the Movie Whore is impatient like that. I enjoy seeing movies made of the literary classics that I’ve read, though. …and then comparing the different versions and how BBC or A&E ALWAYS rocks and Hollywood usually shmucks it all up, comparatively.
2.      Real book or e-book? Here's the thing (settle in, dudes.): I love books. I love the fact that when friends come to my house for the first time they say, “Wow…you read a lot,” or maybe “Wow…you have a lot of books.” I like to own books. I like the smell of books! My ideal house will have a library – a room with just shelves and shelves of books, and a comfy chair to read in by a window.

However, one day a few months ago I realized that all my shelves were full and I still had some books purchased but un-read over on the coffee table. I thought gee, I need more shelves. Then I looked around my little cottage and thought, gee, I don’t have room for any more shelves. So I decided to cave and bought a Nook, because I had gotten the low-down on it from a couple different sources. I like that, with my Nook in my purse, I am never without reading material – stuck in traffic, stuck in a line, stuck in the previews with the Movie Whore, anywhere.
  •      ALSO – I was in heaven when I discovered this:  because of the ability to change the font-size on my Nook, when I was sitting in the dilation lounge at my Optometrists, I could STILL READ! Yessssss. That dilation room is the most boring place on earth. ('Cause you can't do anything, because you can't see, because your eyes are dilated...for those of you who remain un-dilated!) So I do both. I still buy books, but I also download to my Nook.
3.      Do you put yourself into the books you read or the movies you watch? Movies, apparently yes. Two things tell me this: 1) I rarely catch the foreshadowing in a movie because I am so caught up in the moment. And 2) I leave the light on after a creepy movie
4.     Besides writing, what’s your favorite thing to do when you get some extra time? The Movie Whore likes to drag me to the cinema. Or I’ll take a book and beer and sit out on my deck as the sun goes down. That’s some sweet relaxation, dudes!

5.      What’s one place you can be found at least one time every week? The Movie Whore wishes it was a movie theater. For now, I am at least weekly walking on the beach. If I waited to answer these questions in another week…well I have no idea. Oh yeah, church, or possibly a State Park in Indiana...
6.      What’s your favorite season and why? “Duck season…wabbit season!” Really? Football season. But hmm… I love apple season. I like getting apples fresh from the orchard. Oh, and corn on the cob. Yum. True Iowa-born corn-lover over here! (Although Indiana is in the corn-belt technically, all Iowans know that the best sweet corn in the world comes from Iowa! Indiana is popcorn country.)

7.       Favorite kind of car and why?

I would like a flying car. Why? Really? You have to ask why I would want the flying car like the yellow speeder that young Anakin selects to swoop down and catch Obi-wan when Obi-wan jumps to catch the assassin in Attack of the Clones? Really? Why? Because it’s awesome.
8.      Funniest thing you’ve done in the last 5 years? According to Aphrodite, the fact that I dated a particular guy was “funny”. Badump bump. As for jokes though, I’m usually the one laughing at the joke, not doing it. Which is fine by me: I like laughing.
     ...But that's a cop-out answer. Let me see...
One time I wrapped everything in my boss’ office in tin foil while he was on vacation. And I duct-taped everything onto someone else’s desk. I don’t usually go out of my way to “do” funny things, although apparently I often say funny things. …and the funniest thing is that I usually am not in on the joke until after I’ve said it and everyone laughs. I think I'm not so much “funny” as “goofy” in my humor. Just a little left of center, so people laugh because they're not sure. I'm very good at taking a joke. ...as long as it's not a “surprise party” type of a joke. Then I'm not laughing.
9.     How would your best friend describe you? (hang on…I asked her…)...waiting...waiting...Well dudes, Aphrodite has not gotten back to me on this one, and I am extremely delayed in posting this, so I will quote what she put on my internet fiancé Brett’s facebook page: “She is the best.”
The colors! Look at the colors!
...and it turns out not to be so
beautiful on a plate.

10.  Would your choice of party be a catered meal or barbecue out back? Whichever has the open bar. I’m sorry, does that make me a lush? Oops. Bozo talked about not liking the smoky flavor of barbecue. For some reason “smoky flavor” made me think of the “game-y flavor” of wild fowl. It might not be any good barbecued, but I do like duck or pheasant. Yum. It’s why I should move to the Dakotas. Pheasant. Yep. Beautiful in the wild or  on a plate.
11.  What specific lesson have you learned – Spiritual, educational, occupational? I have learned that God will patiently nudge me until he has to bash me over the head with his plan to get me to comply. I tend to stubbornly resist for longer than necessary. (That applies to all three categories if you think about it.)
So those are the eleven questions, in my preferred order. I'm supposed to tag 11 people, which is difficult, because a lot of the people I'd tag have been tagged already. I'm going to use this opportunity to point you to 11 of my favorite blogs, and will totally understand if the bloggers in question don't do it, or can't tag 11 others. (I tend to catch bloggers with smaller followings. I like that. I feel like I'm getting in on the ground floor! Or those who do it as a profession.)

11 Blogs you should DEFINITELY check out:
God’s Playing Poker – SERIOUSLY, check this out every Friday. (and I don’t expect them to participate, but want you all to get this joy that I get every Friday.)
The Lovely Simulacrum – She is always a good read
Zabrinah – fascinating and very valuable dating advice…if you are into the torture that is modern dating.
The Transformed Non-Conformist – my internet fiancé who I've linked to several times above. (Read this if somehow you’ve missed that storyline.)

That's four, and…you know what? It’s my last day at work today, and I forgot my planner at home, which has the list of all the “other” blogs that are not on my blog-roll, and I’ve awarded the others I would award before. So here:
I owe you 7 blog recommendations!
I will pay you back these recommendations sometime after I have access to my list.
...Which will probably next week, since this whole weekend is moving. GAH! I’m sure I will not post anything until Monday at the earliest, but I can still respond to comments from my phone.
I’m just 3 goodbyes away from leaving – and one of them is today!

24 April, 2012

The Movie Whore and “Elizabeth” part II…or really, Part I

(please note that, as suggested by Misty I am changing the color of my links.)

A week ago the Movie Whore reviewed “Elizabeth: Age of Reason”. Bozo had provided a list of possible movies to review that are NOT new releases, so that Bozo could participate in the ensuing conversation, but the Movie Whore I the Movie Whore (shut up!) picked up the wrong DVD, only noting that we needed the “Elizabeth” with Cate Blanchett.

We have corrected our mistake. (and “we” are calmly going schizophrenic in the meantime.)

So this is the original Elizabeth (1997?) starring Cate Blanchett and Geoffery Rush.

Once again, the Movie Whore wonders how much is based on fact and how much was Hollywoodized.

Either way, Cate makes a lovely, young Princess Elizabeth. Like with its sequel, there was a heavy emphasis on the romance angle, which really is not the reason I watch a movie, but as the movie neared the end, I could understand the emphasis, since that made her entrance as “the Virgin Queen” more poignant.

A friend of mine - “The Nurse” who you read about here has a total crush on Cate Blanchett. We’ve had fun with that crush, believe me! But the Movie Whore can see the allure. Cate Blanchett brings a warmth and depth to this poor young girl whose half-sister wants her dead, and who is thrust into a leadership role she’s ill-prepared for. It’s hard to believe this is the same person who would later portray Galadriel in the LOTR movies!

The best example of how deeply the actress is entrenched in the role is when Elizabeth is practicing her speech before appearing to parliament. She’s so clearly distressed and concerned about how to get it exactly right. The actress in me loves that scene.

The Movie Whore got very opinionated about the various men involved:

“Finally! It’s about time she got rid of that tool Sir William. Lord Walsingham is much more subtle, and tactful, and actually looks out for her.”

“Ha! I KNEW that stupid Lord Robert was a bad’un! She was setting herself up for disaster all along. It pays to vet your suitors, queenie! Seriously, if my suitor was flirting with my ladies-in-waiting I’d kick him to the curb!”

Darth Inquisitor!

“Hey, how did a Sith Lord get in Elizabethan England?” [spoken about the black-robed Daniel Craig character] “That’s pretty awesome."

Overall, The Movie Whore finds the movie Elizabeth to be beautiful and interesting. It’s slow in parts, but maybe that’s because there’s just too much to get it all in gracefully?

And the Movie Whore LOVES the excellent soundtrack.

What’s that music playing when she confronts Lord Robert after all the others were sent to the Tower? I recognize it…is it Beethoven? I can’t quite place it… It flows seamlessly into the music that plays when Elizabeth enters the court and proclaims herself “The Virgin Queen”, married to her country. Finally it got to a point where I can place it: Mozart’s Requiem. Oooh. Chills.
The score to Mozart's Requiem. I'd add a music file, if I could.

It is no wonder that Bozo loves that scene the most. Music can tell a story that is heard most clearly by the soul. Even the non-musical person can be surprised by their reaction to powerful music. (And classical-style music, more than any, evokes this emotional response.)

So, if you play Mozart’s Requiem, what do you hear?
You hear mourning.
The sounds of sorrow.
Then a dying soul rises above the mourning,
as if trying to elevate itself above the mourners.

You don’t need to understand the Latin of the lyrics to feel the meaning of the music! That mourning? It applies not only to Mozart’s death, but is just as suitable to depict Elizabeth’s “re-virgination” and denial of her true love!

And today's Something to Celebrate:
It's Barbra Streisand's birthday! (70th) Whatever you think of her personal choices, you cannot deny the musical talent that she has!
I think I'll put in Hello Dolly as a movie to pack to tonight, in her honor.

We Pre-empt the Movie Whore...Again! (sorry)

...But I won't pre-empt her for long! I have a Movie Whore posting almost ready to go, so you might get two posts from me today, but suddenly this morning I saw in my "Search Keywords" list the following entire phrase:
“vader was framed t shirt explained”

Really? I once mentioned somewhere in a comment that “Vader was framed” is one of my favorite t-shirts (that I’ve seen, not own). That’s very funny to me that someone wants it explained!

So I thought that, on behalf of the non-nerdy-set, who may not understand the humor of “Vader was framed”, I will use my apparently far-reaching platform to explain MY understanding of it! 

First: Don’t overthink it. There’s no secret. We’re not implying some kind of hidden subplot, or ulterior motive from when Quai-gon removed young Anakin from his mother and home planet of Tatooine.
…in fact, the t-shirt might have been out before the prequels. I don’t know.

Second: It’s funny because Darth Vader is the grand-daddy “mother puss-bucket” of wicked bad-guys! Okay, so ultimately he has an 11th-hour conversion. Yippee. The damage has been done. He coldly chokes the guy at the round table who insults him “You don’t frighten us with your sorcerer’s ways…” choke-choke-choke. He kills everyone in his way. He blows up a planet to make a point. I bet he'd kick puppies if there were any around.

Which brings me to, thirdly: I believe that (number 2) counts as “irony”. We are saying Darth Vadar was framed for all the evil things he did, when it is clear that he made the conscious decision to do all that stuff. It's like saying Hitler was framed. Only Star Wars is fiction...or if it's not fiction at least it happened "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away."

Now, did you really need the explanation? I’m thinking that this search was made by someone associated with a Star Wars nerd who is trying to taste the kool-aid. Like many of my coworkers who just don’t get it and laugh when I quote the movies. Good for you for trying!

“You will never find a more wretched hive
of scum and villainy.”

So Mr. or Ms. Unique Vader Searcher? I hope I helped illuminate what makes that shirt so funny!

23 April, 2012

Farewell, my Buddha!

I know I’ve been complaining about having to say good-bye so often, and how I’m so non-social that it’s just exhausting to me. I’m sad to say the “Helpmedrainmyliquorcabinet” party was cancelled because I left work that day with a sore throat and didn’t think that partying and making it worse would be a good idea a week before moving.

…but I had already made a pitcher of “knock-you-on-your-a$$” margaritas. So I borrowed a thermos from my officemate, and brought them in to work. …So that we can hang out after work and have a beverage! (Not for lunch - I’m not that much of a lush, geeze!)

However, last night’s “cookout” which turned into an indoor dinner because of the nor-easter that blew through was the best farewell yet.
(She doesn't dress like this.)

This friend of mine, who I shall call… I think Terpsichore is the muse of song, so I that works. Anyway, Terpsichore started having occasional dinner parties with a small group of theatre friends and others last summer – or fall…it was after Hurricane Irene which I think was August so that’s who this group was. One of the guests – let’s just call him "Buddha" because he’s very zen-like – has a musically gifted son who was there, set up his keyboard and entertained us with live jazz piano! It created a fantastic ambience!

I tried to get video with my phone, but the only one that took is all dark. Apparently for video you can’t change the setting. Weird.

I had brought along a bottle of wine (and was reprimanded for bringing wine to a party in my honor, but I told Terpsichore that I have 4 bottles at home and what does she expect me to do - drink a bottle a night?). A white wine that I had introduced Terpsichore to before, which I remembered she liked. She said she could never remember the name of the wine, so she had me autograph the label and said she was keeping the bottle. Cute. Later, when she poured bubbly to make a toast, she gave me the champagne cork…so I made her autograph it. Now we're even.

Also, I have another RL Secret Squirrel now! (for the story of the Secret Squirrels, click that link) Oddly enough, it’s not the hostess. Since she’s been trying to set me up with a variety of men over the years, and met her husband through an online dating site, I don’t think I could have handled her reaction, positive though it probably would be.

Nope. It’s Buddha!

See? He's even doing yoga!

Buddha is a lovely man (married, so don't worry) who’s been cast opposite me several times. We make a good comedy team because he’s short. He comes up to about my shoulder. Think where that puts his eyes. Funny stuff if a director can work it into the action. He’s…oh, probably about 15 or so years older than me. And very protective of me, which seems to be a running theme with older men in my life. Buddha is the guy who took over from me when I walked away from the theatre a month ago (read about it here and in the comments), and he was very concerned that the director had offended me.

He likes to tell me that he doesn’t understand how come I’ve remained single, and blames it on the men in this county, discounting the fact that I am not a fan of the dating game in general. He is by far my greatest admirer. (Well, maybe just my greatest admirer who has actually met me.) We had an interesting conversation last night. (Please keep in mind that he probably thinks of me more highly than most people.)

Buddha: If I prayed, my prayer, or wish, or vision for your future out there [in the Midwest] would be that you would meet a man who could see and love your beauty, but stop and listen to the beautiful person you are and love that person as much.

~~~How could I leave him hanging after sharing this complimentary vision, and not explain what’s happening?~~~

Me: Well, let me share something with you that only two other people in Delaware know.
Buddha: I’m honored.
Me: I’m going to be meeting someone soon after I get to Indiana, who I’ve been talking to for months.
Buddha: (puts his hand to his heart)
Me: We met online, but not through a dating site, and neither of us really expected anything to happen, but, well, we’ll meet soon.
Buddha: (hands together in a “Namaste” movement) I’m so glad to hear it.

So now there are four Secret Squirrels in my Real Life (plus my father, the Mole), plus all of my blog Secret Squirrels. It suddenly occurred to me that I should not be complaining that Brett’s family doesn’t take me seriously when I’m not even being totally open with everyone in my life about him! So, I’m sorry about that Brett.

I am now down to 4 farewells: Tomorrow night, Thursday at work, Friday at the Symphony, and Sunday after church. Sweet.

On an entertainingly different note, the Movie Whore may be getting her own avatar. I have several artistic friends and family members and put a call out for an image. We shall see. You know the artistic temperament…or maybe you don’t. Basically I don’t expect quick turn around because they can’t rush their muse.

And today’s Reason to Celebrate:
It’s St. George’s Day! ...I have no idea what is the standard M.O. for this day.
Catholics, a little help here?
Do we all go out and slay dragons, or what?

21 April, 2012

UPDATED: The Hidden Stalker in Your Stall - A must-read for Women Everywhere

(Men, if you read this and it sounds like you, please get help.)
…also, sorry this is a little long. I have to tell the whole story to explain how innocuous it looks…but ISN’T.

Ladies, if a man –  housekeeping, maintenance, or anyone – walks in on you in a public restroom, COMPLAIN TO THE MANAGEMENT. Has it ever happened to you? Did you make excuses?
“Maybe I just didn’t hear him knock.”
“It was an honest mistake.”
“He was so apologetic – he was more embarrassed than I was!”
…or maybe you were daring enough to think:
“If he gets his jollies that way, what do I care? I’m not going to see him again.”

No. Don’t make excuses. There is no excuse. What planet does this guy have to be from to think it’s okay to just waltz in, even if it’s to clean?

(I'm guessing, outside this solar system.)

I’ve mentioned the office creeper before in passing. All of the ladies who work in this building have addressed with him, separately, the “knock and announce yourself” idea. It's not rocket science - seems kind of obvious, right? I guess we all gave him the benefit of the doubt - maybe he just didn’t know. Ri-i-i-ight…to the tune of being instructed a half-dozen times?

We don’t just call him a creeper for the bathroom thing. He hangs out in office doorways, as if waiting for a break in conversation. Then when he’s acknowledged, he has nothing to say worth standing around waiting for.

“Oh…uh, there’s coffee upstairs.” Well thanks, but you don’t need to hover in the doorway to tell us.

“Umm…Oh! I couldn’t remember if I said good morning.” Really? You made a special trip to my office for that?

“Oh…hey, nice sweater!” You hover in my doorway for five minutes for that? Creeper!

But, Red you say, he’s just being a sweet guy. Yeah. We gave him the benefit of the doubt for months. I even posited the theory that he’s trying to be “one of the girls” and just doesn’t know how, poor thing.

No, no…NO! He’s creeped us all out with his hovering and the fact that we never hear him coming. (Seriously, does he have felt-soled shoes or what?) Trust your instincts, ladies! If he’s creepy, he’s creepy, not “misunderstood”! This whole thing may sound like I'm hyper-sensitive, but trust me, we all feel the same way about this guy. It's not just me.

Since I originally wrote the above portion, in an unrelated conversation with my internet fiancé Brett, he mentioned that before I accidentally emailed him (yes, accidentally) he had been wondering what more he could do to reach me, without seeming like a stalker. Because he’d apparently gleaned from my earlier writings that I’ve had my run-ins!

So here’s the thing, guys: If you’re concerned that you might be mis-perceived as a stalker, you probably are safely within the bounds of normal behavior. I have never known anyone who’s crossed the line to even remotely think that they were crossing a line!


A red flag that frankly creeped me out too much to mention to anyone flew in my face early this winter.

The Ladies’ room and the kitchen are a short U-turn apart (side by side, but one doorway is set back a couple feet). One day I was leaving the Ladies’, to go into the kitchen. I had heard the stairwell door (also nearby) click shut before I exited the restroom. As the restroom door clicked shut behind me, I heard the stairwell re-open, and just as I turned into the kitchen, I caught a reflection in the glass conference-room door across from the stairwell.

The Creeper had heard the restroom door and was peering out of the stairwell to see who it was!! Who does that? No normal man. A sick, demented, pervert. That’s who.

I had seen and ignored the reflection, thinking he was merely curious and would continue his descent. Silly Red! I was in the kitchen with my back to the door, getting something from the fridge and suddenly heard him saying something right behind me. Another, innocuous, unnecessary thing like pointing out the pot of coffee. Why? Why, Creeper, why do you follow me out of the restroom to try to engage me in inane conversation?

The final straw…
Every year I participate in a Polar Bear Plunge. The plunge I do benefits Special Olympics, and I always try to raise support online, from coworkers, by emailing family, etc. I had the sign-up list on my desk at work, and one day the Creeper came in and signed up. Yea for him…and this was before things had gotten really bad, although I don’t remember where the kitchen incident fell in the timeline. As he added his pledge to the list he said, “If there are any pictures of the plunge, I want one,” and I didn’t think anything of it. The Plunge is a madhouse with upwards of 2,000 people crowded onto the beach. (3,600 this year)

Later, because there are several Plunges in the area and nobody can remember which one is mine, he came in and asked if the recent one was the one I did, and I said no, and he reminded me that he wanted of picture “of me at the plunge”. As he left my office I wondered if he realized he was essentially asking for a picture of me in a bathing suit.

After that I started paying more attention to his whereabouts, and avoided using the upstairs restroom if he was up there. After mentioning about the photo request to a coworker, I decided that it bothered me enough that, if he mentioned it again, I would complain to his superior. If not, he probably hadn’t realized what he was saying.

~~I want to add that when non-creepers have asked, jokingly, about photo-evidence that I actually did it,
I laugh and think nothing of it. His behavior predicated my response.~~

The Plunge came and went. The day he came in to ask if I had a picture, I called him out,
Me: “You do realize you’re basically asking for a picture of me in my bathing suit?”
Him: …(mouth hanging open)
Me: “And that it’s inappropriate?”
Him: “Oh, no-no-no. I just meant, like, a… group shot or something.”
Me: “Well no. They take a big group shot of everyone and post it on the Plunge webpage.” (...and I never even bother to stand in the area they photograph. That’s a rookie thing.)

A little later, true to myself, I went up and talked to his boss. She was not surprised, and apparently had delegated to someone else to have a “conversation” with him, but it had not happened yet. Anyway, I did what I could.

The “conversation” was about protocol for cleaning the restroom of the opposite sex. He had no idea there was a reprimand included in it.

During the days that all this “disciplinary action” was going down, I heard one of the guys who works in the field come in and allude to “my stalker”. I wondered who and he named the Creeper. I was internally freaking out a bit, but said something like “No. He’s that way with all of us. He’s just a creeper.”

Well, turns out this Creeper/stalker/scumbag is so bad that the stuff he says about women creeps out the guys in the field and the guys who work maintenance. Guys being guys and not having to watch themselves on behalf of any ladies present. Now, I work with an awesome bunch of men. It’s like having 95 uncles getting your back at any given moment. So I know if he’s saying stuff about me, they would set him straight.

But here’s why this is a must read for all women:

It’s NOT just me. It’s NOT just the office. He BRAGS about walking in on women in the bathrooms. And I’m at the beach. Part of his jurisdiction includes a bathhouse…with showers! So ladies, for the Love of God, if a man walks in on you in a public restroom, complain to the management! Best to do it in written form, so they have something they can put in his file. We still can’t get rid of this disgusting excuse for a man!

I hope this doesn't sound like a bitter-woman diatribe, but I really think a lot of women don't realize they are being spied on when things like this happen.

UPDATE: Wow. Talk about timely. Just this morning one of the law enforcement guys was in talking to my officemate about how the investigation is coming along. They are making progress. I look forward to the day that, while out in the midwest somewhere, I hear from my coworkers that he's gone.

20 April, 2012

Baltimore in…1, 2, 5!

So yesterday was quite full. “Let me ‘splain. No; there is too much. Let me sum up.”

1.       Misty! I met with Misty of Misty’s Laws for lunch by Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Here’s a picture of the two of us together:

You didn't think I'd really show our faces, did you?

It was great fun. A fantastic “hello!” at a lovely restaurant. She looks exactly the way she sounds on her blog…if that makes any sense. And she now knows my true identity, which makes her my double-extra-special Secret Squirrel! We did have a real picture taken of the two of us together, so we have blackmail photos of each other if we misbehave. Hmm, wait… WHAT was I thinking!

2.       I actually got there a little early, and wandered the Inner Harbor because it was a too hot for April gorgeous day!  There’s this sort of walkway, water feature (ha! On a harbor. Because they need a water feature), relaxation spot that connects the Harbor area to the businesses that don’t have the grace to sit ON the water.
Here’s one of the sculptures.

Then as I walked up towards the bridge, I saw this tunnel thing:

Looking out the other side of the tunnel, you look through a waterfall:

Here’s that sculpture from the front:

This was all about half a block from where I met Misty. It was a short but sweet lunch-time visit. A couple hours downtown, and I headed north of the city. I was meeting my rollercoaster buddy for dinner, but the place we were meeting was attached to a major shopping center, so I knew I could entertain my inner bibliophile at Barnes & Noble, and perhaps even satisfy the Movie Whore at the cinema.

3.       My inner bibliophile is laughing her butt off! She’s so happy with me for buying her THIS:

Yes, I bought the Bloggessbook.
And I was laughing out loud in the café.
Every other sentence.
Because she’s such a hoot.

4.       Then, I took the Movie Whore off to see Mirror, Mirror. She’ll review it in a separate post.
The dwarves are AWESOME!

5.       THEN I met my rollercoaster buddy for dinner. The food was great. I couldn’t help, however, thinking of another person we all know, who would have been better company at that moment. >sigh<

I had just been up at Hersheypark over the weekend, riding rollercoasters with the rollercoaster buddy, who is a friend I know from the theatre. He’s a lighting techie, and very good at what he does. We have precisely two things in common: Theatre and rollercoasters. I believe he’s suffering from separation anxiety because he’s never moved anywhere before and doesn’t seem to be a big fan of change.

He kept saying “you’ll be back.” …”You’ll be back.” …”You’ll be back,” at random intervals in the conversation, sometimes generously adding “after you get settled in”. He started making plans for the fall. So I finally got annoyed and laid down the law. “Stop pushing me into my future! Right now I’m focused on moving. After I get there, I’ll focus on getting a job. Then a place to live. THEN I’ll start settling in!”

I’m really trying to distance myself. (can you tell?) In my perfect world, I’ll move and my memory will fade away! I’ve not told him about my internet fiancé Brett for the simple reason that he’s not very computer savvy and would probably dismiss the concept because of the internet involvement. (But don’t worry, Squirrels, Brett is aware of this whole rollercoaster buddy situation, and fully understands that it is no competition to him. At all!)

So I imagine, if I don’t fade away out of the rollercoaster buddy’s mind after moving, and the rollercoaster buddy actually does start contacting me to try to get me out there, I’ll have to say, “Um, sure. Can I bring my boyfriend?”

Finally, I submit for your approval:
My Random Act of Kindness for the day.

THIS is what a “normal” person (or, at least, me) brings in to feed her coworkers:

Let me zoom in on that label for you:

See – the local orchard’s market is open. I know it’s not apple season, so the Apple Cider donuts are not from “freshly pressed” cider but from last season’s “freshly pressed” cider. Still.

Something sweet, yummy, and guilt-laden.
NOT dried fruit!

Do you think anyone will get the message?