06 January, 2018

Someone Else's Life

I don't have kids.
Never wanted kids.

I do have two step-kids, sort of. 
"Sort of," because I married their dad when they were already out of the house.

I had absolutely nothing to do with their upbringing. There is nothing for me to "be proud of" when they do well.

But right now, I am very proud of my step-daughter. Like many kids after reaching their majority, she floundered a bit, trying to figure out what to do with her life. 

She tried college, but never having loved school before, and not having a job in mind, college wasn't a good choice. 

She worked fast food, but unless you are driven for management, fast food is not a long-term choice for most people.

She worked a couple retail jobs - sometimes seasonal - and there just weren't enough hours.

Finally, she moved out of her mom's house and to a different town. This was a good move for her.
She found a job - part-time retail. 
She had a roommate, then moved out. Couch-surfed for a while until an affordable room came available.

During all of this, knowing that now rent and food were dependent on her own paycheck, she picked up all the extra shifts of her co-workers, stayed late, did whatever she could at work, and got noticed.

Last week she was promoted to Assistant Manager, and I'M SO PROUD!
I have no right to be proud, but I've worked in retail, and retail management, and I know it is easy for kids to slack off in that environment.
I also know that a lot of companies don't promote much from within. (I don't know her company, though.)

She has shown drive. She has apparently found something she is good at - this retail job includes commissions, which frankly, I was never brave enough to try. And she is on her way to being a successful adult.
If she likes this company, and is coach-able, she could really go places.

It's a crazy pride for someone I have no direct impact on. 
What about you? Ever take pride in someone else's accomplishment, just because it seemed so long coming?