22 October, 2020

Your New Normal

I don't know you. 

I don't know the myriad ways your life is different now from this time last year.

I've seen talk about a "new normal" and I've seen people protesting "not MY new normal".

Okay, Nostradamus. You don't know that. You can fight change all you want - and if you are one of the "not MY new normal" types, I would bet that you do - but that doesn't make it true.

So let's play "what if".

What if the current situation is your new normal for the foreseeable future. Could you manage? Would you be content?

Current situation overall means restricted travel, limited shopping - and most of it online, limited eating out - most of it delivered or take-away, virtual meetings, virtual education. What if that new norm sticks around? Could you manage with this in the long term?

Current situation specific would include your job, your current living situation - roommates, spouse, kids - your current location. What if nothing changes? Will you be satisfied? (and if not, what can you change?)

All this is inspired by a conversation we had in my house recently.

Of course, we want to travel. We were supposed to take a trip to the US this past June, and because of where we live, there are many ancient and interesting locations we would love to visit. Not to mention that I have friends and personal history in nearby countries. 

We cannot travel.

We do not know when - if ever - we will see any members of our families again.

And yet, we are content. If this is our new normal, it's fine. Better than fine, actually. We work online, and although hours and pay have been reduced, we're okay. We are safe, and we live in a beautiful place that has a climate that suits us. 

Everyone is different. I know some people would not be able to live so far from their families or from the comforts of the culture they are in. I get that. We've found we are happy here. We want to be able to go places, but if we are "stuck" limiting our travel to within the boundaries of Vietnam, well, that's still okay. 

What about you? What needs to change in your life, if anything?