10 December, 2019

Hello World!

Well hi there, December!

I successfully completed Nanowrimo to the tune of over 65,000 words. My new novel has a middle and three possible endings, but no clearly defined start. So THAT's weird. But, I like it overall.

Regardless, I'm taking a break from writing to focus on getting the rest of life back in order.

It has been suggested - and I agree - that, since it is the holiday season and everyone's schedules are a little screwy, it will be okay if Fiction Friday sits by the wayside. I might do one, but I'm really working more on my health and language study than on writing for now.

[I drank way too much while sitting at home cranking out words, and I walked way too little. Fixing that now.]

I do not have typical holiday constraints that most do in the Western world, because I live in Vietnam. There are decorations available for sale, and businesses that cater to foreigners decorate a little. I hear about the occasional holiday shindig, but I will not participate.

Christmas has always been a very personal holiday for me, apart from going to church, so that will not change. The difference is I have to be deliberate to play Christmas music if I want to. 
We don't decorate.
We may do something with a friend or two. 
Maybe. Who knows. 

Today, the sun is out! It has been cloudy/rainy/windy for weeks, and this brief respite won't last. I shall don my shorts and take a walk into town, basking in the sunshine!