Why Don't I Speak Klingon?

More to the point, why did I choose this name for my blog?

The short version? It's true.

Want a longer explanation? I don't know if it's interesting, but people ask often enough that I will describe my nerdiness here, in detail.

"Fine," you say, "You don't speak Klingon, neither do THE VAST MAJORITY of the world's population! So why is this relevant here?"

I am a nerd. I personally know one person who speaks Klingon. That I know of. I moved often in my life, so I have lost touch with, for instance, my D&D group from high school and The Lab from college, some of whom may well have gone on to learn Klingon. I didn't really get into Star Trek until college at which point I was watching TNG. Therefore ...

1. Whether or not I speak Klingon is at least marginally relevant to my world. Or was.

I'm a fan of BOTH Star Trek and Star Wars, but I know Star Wars better. I know I saw some Star Trek: TOS when I was a little kid, but as I said, I was more into TNG. I've seen all the ST movies, too, but don't remember them all. However, I have distinct views on Star Wars. Maybe someday I'll write a post about. Maybe I already have.

2. The title of my blog, I believe, at least implies that I understand and appreciate Star Trek, while using Vader as my avatar hopefully shows my stronger allegiance to Star Wars. (Probably only nerds get that kind of nuanced implication.)

My nerdiness often leaves me feeling "alone in my head". Years in retail were punctuated with eye rolls or "You're so funny!" meaning "odd". In my last US job at an engineering firm, I was shocked to find my particular brand of nerdiness was DISTINCTLY unique. I'm not a math nerd, as were my coworkers. There was never any delightful banter with co-workers about anything that appealed to my nerd-brain.

3. I started this blog as a place to be my nerdy self outside of strait-laced workplaces.

I really thought this blog would be nerdier. Within months, I met a guy through this blog - a math nerd, incidentally - who eventually became my husband. For that story, you'll have to check out the page "Red and the Transformed Non-Conformist" (which badly needs an update, sorry)

Now in my 40s, I find more people are nerdy about their own things. We just don't label each other so much. Do you find that to be true?


  1. I'm pretty nerdy, and I also love Star Trek, but starting with TNG. I'm THRILLED that CBS is making a series called Picard (still love him) and their Discovery series is amazing. I like the original Star Wars trilogy, not as sure about the rest. Love all the Stargate shows, possibly too much: there's a realtor in town who goes by "ZPM Property management" and every time I see his signs I think "Zed PM" and laugh to myself, because that show had Canadians and it was a running joke. I could go on, but you can quote Monty Python and the Princess Bride as well as I can, you love Douglas Adams MORE than I do, and we've read so many of the same books and watched so many of the same things that really, I consider you my sister in weirdness. I hate to borrow a meme (and to sound like I don't take Yoga seriously), but this kind of fits:

    1. CBS is doing a Picard show? Living outside the country, I don't follow all the TV news. That would be interesting.
      ... and now I'm trying to figure out who, from my real life, you are! Because you allude to things "we both" do or like...


I enjoy a good debate. Feel free to shake things up. Tell me I'm wrong. Ask me why I have such a weird opinion. ...or, just laugh and tell how this relates to you and your life.