03 July, 2013

Red and Brett Take a Road Trip

Overheard in my car about a half-hour on the road...

*Brett's phone rings*

Brett: Hey!
Okay. Bring your X-Box.
Just bring it.
See you when you get here!

Now, he had looked puzzled when he saw the number, but recognized the area code and prefix, so answered. After he hung up...
Me: Who was it?
Brett: I dunno. He just said, "I'm going to be about 20 minutes late..."

This is the fun and spontaneous man I love. A stranger calls him, sounding about the right age to own an X-Box (like what, 18-45?) so Brett plays along.

I kept randomly cracking up the whole wedding weekend, thinking of some guy showing up at his buddy's house with his X-Box, and the buddy being all, "Why'd you bring that?" and the guy getting annoyed, "Why'd you ask me to?" 
...Did they look up the call and find out that he mis-dialed? Did they just laugh and set it up to play? Did the buddy who was supposed to get the call leave before this guy arrived, because he never got the message that someone was running late?

Sadly, I’ll never know. Brett cracks me up!