The Saga of Red and The Transformed Non-Conformist

This is for those of you who haven't been here from the beginning, but have gotten sucked into the fascination people seem to have with this surprising romance between myself (Red) and Brett of the Transformed Non-Conformist.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
(or, like, November 2011)

Episode IV
Expect the Unexpected

It is a time of peace in the lives of Red and Brett.
Red has carved out a life for herself on the East Coast
of the USA, and is contentedly single. Brett leads a full life as the
single dad of a teenage daughter in the Midwest region of the USA.

In the quiet and semi-hibernation that is 
winter at the beach, Red discovers Brett's
blog called The Transformed Non-Conformist.
A month or two later,  she begins blogging too,
and Brett is her very first follower. They comment
regularly on each other's blogs and flirtation begins.

Later that winter, a health scare
occurs in the life of  Red's father,
a retiree in the Midwest. She makes
the drastic decision to leave her peaceful
beach life behind and move out there to be
closer to her family while they are still around.
Little  did  she  know the love she would find...

First off, the timeline:

We don't know when we began. Maybe you can help. The possibilities are as follows...

13. Feb, 2012 - Brett proposed to me in the comment section of my post that day.
14. Feb, 2012 - I saw his comment and responded in the affirmative.
19. March, 2012 - I emailed Brett about a stressful event that was bothering me, and we were up all night emailing back and forth.
21. March, 2012 - Brett sent flowers to me at work. (A response to the all night emailing.)
2. May, 2012 - We actually met in person.

We've both been using the round figure of "six months" whenever random strangers inquire how long we've been together. This seems to imply that we both date "us" from February.

AND...The Storyline:

I'm going to try to keep this updated as new posts are published on our blogs, but here's a starter set for those of you new to us. This list will change as I remember other pertinent posts, and please comment if I missed something!

* Your Bloody Valentine's Day is the post that started it the comments.
* Evidence That I Am Harmless was Brett's reaction to my totally natural caution.
* Of Axe Murderers and Other Creepy Folks was my response to his "Evidence".
* The Secret's Out And The Plot Thickens (because I'm an anonymous blogger)
* Chaos Butterfly Powers in which Brett tells about the surprise flowers he sent me.
* Red & Brett's Secret Squirrel Squad expands on "The Secret's Out"
* Red Arrived in the "Brett Zone" and Was Never Heard From Again is my version of our meeting (my alter-egos tell the story, though).
* Red Braves the Accused Axe Murderer...And Lives is Brett's take on that day.
* The Kids of Indianapolis Have a New Hero actually describes a day we spent together.
* From Ferris Wheel to Hospital Waiting Room involves Brett & Adam, and Brett & Red.
* Brett's Plans Fall Apart Again Brett tells of another day we spent together.
* Love Hurts ...a little more description of "us"
* Random Thanksgiving wherein we spend Thanksgiving together, sort of.
* True Love by Donuts is just a random day in "our" life.
NOT a Shot-gun Wedding (posted about 8 months after our wedding)


  1. Nice! I think this is very complete - but if I think of something missing I'll let you know. The only pity is that so much fun took place in feedback all over the place - the little exchanges that you guys had commenting on each other's comments etc... however, I don't see how it would be possible to backtrack and find them all :) This is a brilliant start and I'm looking forward to hearing how it continues :)

  2. I think you need to update!



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