04 January, 2016

*NOT* a Shotgun Wedding

The following was written sometime within the past year. About my wedding to Brett of the Transformed Noncomformist. I think I'll leave it as originally written...

As much as I started this blog to be host to my nerd-musings, I recognize that it has become a collection of stories related to the relationship that developed *through* this blog, with Brett of The Transformed Non-Conformist.

I haven't posted in an outrageously long time, but only because big things are afoot!
We got married!

Now, not only have I been a part of 6 - count 'em, SIX - weddings, but my last job involved providing people with permits to hold their wedding on a beach. I have seen a lot of stuff that makes me question people's priorities.

Our wedding was a total surprise to a lot of people. (I still get looks/questions that imply some people think I'm pregnant.) (...I'm not.) It was NOT a surprise to us. We'd been talking about it for about a year. I guess. It came up pretty quickly but you know, life. We lived in different states, had obligations, it was just a "down the road" plan. Brett moved to my city last winter, and we continued dating like normal people (aka: not long distance). 

In the spring, we talked about getting married after he finished his Masters - so, in fall. (oh, but he "officially" proposed in February at a hipster pizza joint. The waitress was our witness.) But we knew we didn't want a public engagement, and didn't want to set a date or plan an "event" and have 95 people's "opinions" or advice or questions or hell. I do not like being the center of attention. This would drive me crazy.

Then, as Brett's daughter's graduation loomed closer, he got to talking about how, really, his timeframe had been based on the concept that he would be moving to Indiana after her graduation, and we wanted to date a while before tying the knot. Since he had moved 6 months earlier, the fall timeline made less sense. - so, maybe during the summer.

Somewhere along this point, I informed my mother of our theoretical plans, so she wouldn't be blind-sided. I swore her to secrecy and told her I would try to give her some advance notice, but it would probably only be a couple weeks.
I also inquired about having a small ceremony on their property.

Then, one random weekend, I was talking about my sisters being down at my parents' house the next week. (the following is my best recollection of the ensuing conversation.)

Brett: Wait - both your sisters will be here next weekend?
Me: Well, Hestia on the weekend. Diana during the week.
Brett: Oh.
Me: Why?
Brett: I was just thinking if they were both here, we should get married next weekend, while they're here.
Me: Seriously?
Brett: Yeah! Will you marry me...next weekend?
...well, obviously.

And that's all for now.
Sometime I will add more detail. For now, I just want to get back in the habit of posting.


  1. And apparently, 8 days is more than enough time to plan a wedding. It was great.

  2. Awwwww yay!!!! Congrats, you guys!!!!!

    1. Thank you! It's kind of sad that we'd been away from blogging so really, none of the blogging buddies who watched our romance are around now.


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