20 February, 2016

And He Said WHAT?

I have the best, most fun and spontaneous husband. This actually happened two summers ago...

Over the weekend I went to a wedding two states away. Naturally, Brett was my date, so we road-tripped together. Which is awesome. We make great travel-companions.

We took off from his place, for a 5-6 hour drive, and about a half-hour down the road, his phone rings. Not a number he recognized, but his same area code and prefix, so he answered. This is what I heard:

Brett:  Hey!

Okay. Bring your X-Box.

Just bring it.

See you when you get here!

Hearing this, I figured it had something to do with some plans he must have for the next week, after our return.  I asked – as anyone would - “who was it?”

Brett: No idea. It was a wrong number.
Me(disbelieving): …?!? No way! What was that about the X-box?

Brett: I dunno…

Some guy was calling his buddy (not Brett) to say he was running about 20 minutes late. My fun, spontaneous, thinks-on-his-feet then-boyfriend threw out the X-Box thing, guessing that he sounded the right age to have one, and he was right! So when the guy asked why, Brett didn’t elaborate: “Just bring it”.

I was randomly giggling all weekend thinking about this guy showing up at a friend’s house with his X-Box, and the friend not having a clue why. Can you imagine?

The other spontaneous thing that ended up cracking me up for a while was The Cheese Shop. Monty Python fans may be familiar with this…

On the return trip from the wedding, when we stopped for lunch we noticed a "ONE STOP CHEESE SHOP" across the interchange. (I've lost the picture by now.)

I thought, how many stops does it usually take for a person to buy cheese? so we decided we better check it out. (If you follow Brett on Vine, you saw his video of the place.)

We went in and saw a college-age girl behind the counter.

“How many kinds of cheese do you have?”


Yeah. 7 kinds, and not much of any of them. I noticed a sign further back advertising cheese curds. I like cheese curds, but hardly ever get them, so I exclaimed, “Oh! Cheese Curds!”

Before I could even walk back there, I heard the girl call from the office:

“We’re all out!”

It cracked us both up.

Sorry for any weird formatting. I'm trying to get back into blogging regularly, but things have changed...

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