10 December, 2019

Hello World!

Well hi there, December!

I successfully completed Nanowrimo to the tune of over 65,000 words. My new novel has a middle and three possible endings, but no clearly defined start. So THAT's weird. But, I like it overall.

Regardless, I'm taking a break from writing to focus on getting the rest of life back in order.

It has been suggested - and I agree - that, since it is the holiday season and everyone's schedules are a little screwy, it will be okay if Fiction Friday sits by the wayside. I might do one, but I'm really working more on my health and language study than on writing for now.

[I drank way too much while sitting at home cranking out words, and I walked way too little. Fixing that now.]

I do not have typical holiday constraints that most do in the Western world, because I live in Vietnam. There are decorations available for sale, and businesses that cater to foreigners decorate a little. I hear about the occasional holiday shindig, but I will not participate.

Christmas has always been a very personal holiday for me, apart from going to church, so that will not change. The difference is I have to be deliberate to play Christmas music if I want to. 
We don't decorate.
We may do something with a friend or two. 
Maybe. Who knows. 

Today, the sun is out! It has been cloudy/rainy/windy for weeks, and this brief respite won't last. I shall don my shorts and take a walk into town, basking in the sunshine!


  1. A place that isn't going Christmas crazy? Sign me up... I'm not a fan of much of the trappings of Christmas.

    Congrats on NaNo. Enjoy your December.

    1. Thanks Liz. It is freeing to choose when to play carols or not. Merry Christmas to you.

  2. After a few years of us being away from the States, the holiday barely even registers in my mind anymore.

    1. For me, it's always been a faith-based holiday. My family has been so geographically remote that it doesn't bother me not to see them, and all the traditions are just that: traditions.

      Meet me for blueberry pancakes on the 25th and we'll call it day.


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