26 April, 2012

Eleven Questions - and Farewell for Now

So a week or two ago Brett tagged me with these questions. Some of them have answers that are stories in and of themselves, and some not so much. (You might want to refill your coffee cup and settle in.) Also, I may seem to be sitting on the fence in some of these answers, just because I value both sides of the equation. I'm all open-minded like that!
It took some time to think of the answers...
Also, I'm rearranging the order of these questions. My inner Vulcan has spoken, and the order they appear here is more logical than the order in which they were presented to me. For the original order (I think), please visit Brett.
1.      Book or movie and why? My inner Bibliophile says book, but The Movie Whore says movie. Often I end up watching the movie first, just because the Movie Whore is impatient like that. I enjoy seeing movies made of the literary classics that I’ve read, though. …and then comparing the different versions and how BBC or A&E ALWAYS rocks and Hollywood usually shmucks it all up, comparatively.
2.      Real book or e-book? Here's the thing (settle in, dudes.): I love books. I love the fact that when friends come to my house for the first time they say, “Wow…you read a lot,” or maybe “Wow…you have a lot of books.” I like to own books. I like the smell of books! My ideal house will have a library – a room with just shelves and shelves of books, and a comfy chair to read in by a window.

However, one day a few months ago I realized that all my shelves were full and I still had some books purchased but un-read over on the coffee table. I thought gee, I need more shelves. Then I looked around my little cottage and thought, gee, I don’t have room for any more shelves. So I decided to cave and bought a Nook, because I had gotten the low-down on it from a couple different sources. I like that, with my Nook in my purse, I am never without reading material – stuck in traffic, stuck in a line, stuck in the previews with the Movie Whore, anywhere.
  •      ALSO – I was in heaven when I discovered this:  because of the ability to change the font-size on my Nook, when I was sitting in the dilation lounge at my Optometrists, I could STILL READ! Yessssss. That dilation room is the most boring place on earth. ('Cause you can't do anything, because you can't see, because your eyes are dilated...for those of you who remain un-dilated!) So I do both. I still buy books, but I also download to my Nook.
3.      Do you put yourself into the books you read or the movies you watch? Movies, apparently yes. Two things tell me this: 1) I rarely catch the foreshadowing in a movie because I am so caught up in the moment. And 2) I leave the light on after a creepy movie
4.     Besides writing, what’s your favorite thing to do when you get some extra time? The Movie Whore likes to drag me to the cinema. Or I’ll take a book and beer and sit out on my deck as the sun goes down. That’s some sweet relaxation, dudes!

5.      What’s one place you can be found at least one time every week? The Movie Whore wishes it was a movie theater. For now, I am at least weekly walking on the beach. If I waited to answer these questions in another week…well I have no idea. Oh yeah, church, or possibly a State Park in Indiana...
6.      What’s your favorite season and why? “Duck season…wabbit season!” Really? Football season. But hmm… I love apple season. I like getting apples fresh from the orchard. Oh, and corn on the cob. Yum. True Iowa-born corn-lover over here! (Although Indiana is in the corn-belt technically, all Iowans know that the best sweet corn in the world comes from Iowa! Indiana is popcorn country.)

7.       Favorite kind of car and why?

I would like a flying car. Why? Really? You have to ask why I would want the flying car like the yellow speeder that young Anakin selects to swoop down and catch Obi-wan when Obi-wan jumps to catch the assassin in Attack of the Clones? Really? Why? Because it’s awesome.
8.      Funniest thing you’ve done in the last 5 years? According to Aphrodite, the fact that I dated a particular guy was “funny”. Badump bump. As for jokes though, I’m usually the one laughing at the joke, not doing it. Which is fine by me: I like laughing.
     ...But that's a cop-out answer. Let me see...
One time I wrapped everything in my boss’ office in tin foil while he was on vacation. And I duct-taped everything onto someone else’s desk. I don’t usually go out of my way to “do” funny things, although apparently I often say funny things. …and the funniest thing is that I usually am not in on the joke until after I’ve said it and everyone laughs. I think I'm not so much “funny” as “goofy” in my humor. Just a little left of center, so people laugh because they're not sure. I'm very good at taking a joke. ...as long as it's not a “surprise party” type of a joke. Then I'm not laughing.
9.     How would your best friend describe you? (hang on…I asked her…)...waiting...waiting...Well dudes, Aphrodite has not gotten back to me on this one, and I am extremely delayed in posting this, so I will quote what she put on my internet fiancĂ© Brett’s facebook page: “She is the best.”
The colors! Look at the colors!
...and it turns out not to be so
beautiful on a plate.

10.  Would your choice of party be a catered meal or barbecue out back? Whichever has the open bar. I’m sorry, does that make me a lush? Oops. Bozo talked about not liking the smoky flavor of barbecue. For some reason “smoky flavor” made me think of the “game-y flavor” of wild fowl. It might not be any good barbecued, but I do like duck or pheasant. Yum. It’s why I should move to the Dakotas. Pheasant. Yep. Beautiful in the wild or  on a plate.
11.  What specific lesson have you learned – Spiritual, educational, occupational? I have learned that God will patiently nudge me until he has to bash me over the head with his plan to get me to comply. I tend to stubbornly resist for longer than necessary. (That applies to all three categories if you think about it.)
So those are the eleven questions, in my preferred order. I'm supposed to tag 11 people, which is difficult, because a lot of the people I'd tag have been tagged already. I'm going to use this opportunity to point you to 11 of my favorite blogs, and will totally understand if the bloggers in question don't do it, or can't tag 11 others. (I tend to catch bloggers with smaller followings. I like that. I feel like I'm getting in on the ground floor! Or those who do it as a profession.)

11 Blogs you should DEFINITELY check out:
God’s Playing Poker – SERIOUSLY, check this out every Friday. (and I don’t expect them to participate, but want you all to get this joy that I get every Friday.)
The Lovely Simulacrum – She is always a good read
Zabrinah – fascinating and very valuable dating advice…if you are into the torture that is modern dating.
The Transformed Non-Conformist – my internet fiancĂ© who I've linked to several times above. (Read this if somehow you’ve missed that storyline.)

That's four, and…you know what? It’s my last day at work today, and I forgot my planner at home, which has the list of all the “other” blogs that are not on my blog-roll, and I’ve awarded the others I would award before. So here:
I owe you 7 blog recommendations!
I will pay you back these recommendations sometime after I have access to my list.
...Which will probably next week, since this whole weekend is moving. GAH! I’m sure I will not post anything until Monday at the earliest, but I can still respond to comments from my phone.
I’m just 3 goodbyes away from leaving – and one of them is today!


  1. See, I HAVE a Kindle that I never ever use. I get the concept of the ease of having lots of books, but there is just something about the feel of the book that I love.

    3 more goodbyes?? Wow. Good luck. The next time you will be posting on the blog will be from Indiana, so this is also a type of goodbye, if you think about it. So, this post is your final blog goodbye from DE! Yay!! :)


      The luncheon is over. It was a catered affair, with an Angry Birds cake to end it. Very sweet and casual.

  2. Book and beer as the sun goes down? Sounds like the perfect way to end a day to me...

  3. Dogfish Head Midas Touch, by preference, but any Belgian White will do! Actually DFH has a new one called "Saisson du Buff" which is comparable to Midas Touch, but with a different flavor.

    ...oh, don't get me started on beer. I'm going to have to find a micro-brewery in Southern Indiana when I get out there.

  4. I loved watching The Movie Whore play out her movie fascination throughout this post. It's like she didn't want to be left out and kept trying to get a word in!

    I would love to have a library too. You know, I have so much extra space in this house maybe I should start building one! There's something so good about books.

    And very randomly - I watched Bridesmaids this evening and enjoyed it. I thought that as far as romantic comedies go it wasn't anything special... EXCEPT... Melissa McCarthy was absolutely awesome! She was the star. And so very funny too :)

    1. Oh, the Movie Whore is going to be intolerable when she gets her own avatar. She definitely always has to get a word in!

      When we moved to Sri Lanka, my dad shipped over his quite vast library of classics. I loved picking one off the shelves during school vacations. They were transferred to Taiwan while I was away at school, and I didn't know until I went there at the end of the school year that they had donated the whole collection to the "Hill Club" library: The only English library in town. Totally forgivable, but I'd wished they'd asked me if there were any I wanted.

  5. I want a flying car so bad you have no idea. I refuse to buy a kindle. I like real books, plus, my computer monitors, printer, PS3, part of my desk and my coaster on my reading bench are all held up with books. They are reading materiel and furniture. Anyway, good luck with your move. :)

    1. Oh, I don't think I could use a book as furniture. I keep referring back to them too often. I'd have to hold up the desk while I pulled out the book propping it up, just to see "exactly" how such and such a thing was worded. But I do prefer the real deal. The nook is just a convenience.

  6. Books all the way.

    But what I hate most in the world is a really good book. Because that means I wont get anything done for the next few weeks.

    1. Sounds like a really good, really long book! I have been known to take sick time and finish an amazing read. ...I think. Or just stay up all night to finish.

      But yeah. Hate those amazingly awesome reads.

  7. Thanks for the tag! I would totally fill this out, but you STOLE ALL MY ANSWERS! Bitch :) Well, on every part but the beach and the Nook. I live in landlocked KS, and I am adamantly opposed to e-readers. I LOVE the smell and feel of books! But yeah... I have a similar space issue myself. My piano is piled high with books, and I have stacks of books on the floor (but I'm not a hoarder, I swear). I'm building a library! Now I just need... a library-sized building.

    1. It's hard to say no to the call of books. I've kept out a few until the very end of my packing so I'll readily have something to read after the move.

      Of course, by my own logic I shouldn't have to, because I've always got my nook!

  8. When I was a child I just assumed that there would be flying cars by the time I started driving. I tried to build a hovercraft once with a vacuum cleaner motor. All it did was vacuum our grass.

    1. That's awesome! You had the cleanest grass on your block!

    2. Just sayin', this was the funniest thing ive read all week. Oh god, i actually almost choked on my tea. :')

  9. Aphrodite has only posted on my wall one time and that was all she said, "she's the best." I think she is wanting me to understand that before you get here. It might even be a bit of a warning.

    I also changed the order of some of the questions. I wanted to include a picture with two of my answers that were right after each other. They were too crowded so I moved one of them further down the list.

    I have found a few blogs just as they are starting and it is fun to watch them grow and start getting new followers. It's great to have been there from the beginning.

    1. Just to clarify. Aphrodite said that since I told her I'm leaving sometimes she'd forget, sometimes she'd get melancholy, and sometimes i'd do or say something indicative of our close friendship. The day she posted that comment, I had just done something that showed how well I know/understand her, and she felt she needed to say that.

      We've been good friends almost 12 years, so there's a certain history there.

  10. I get that so much! Where I'll say something and people will laugh at it, but I won't get what the joke was until 5 seconds later. It even happened at my last stand-up gig!

    1. No. 1 on the list of "reasons I could never do stand up" is:

      I don't know what's funny.

      I laugh inappropriately, and don't get why things I say are funny.

    2. That's proboably even better - you've gotten so good at being funny that you don't even have to think about it anymore. It just happens like breathing.

  11. I know someone who claims they built a flying car with a kit that used a blender and a vacuum cleaner. I didn't believe it, but I found that kit. It does build a flying car--a flying box car, which can only hover itself without people in it. So I'd be more specific about what you want in a flying car. Because Santa will totally screw with you if you aren't specific about that wish list.

    1. Hmm...I guess I'll have to carefully word my letter to Santa Claus, huh?

  12. OOOooo, I understand the book/nook dilemma. Well, book/kindle for me. I was anti-Kindle forEVER! But once I went digital that was it, I hardly ever read an actual book anymore. Too bulky. Plus I read while working out, and an e-reader is so much easier than turning the pages of a book!

    I'm behind on my blogroll, so you've already said your goodbyes, but I hope you had a safe trip!


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