30 December, 2011

My New Blog Title

"Doesn’t Speak Klingon"
It’s true. I don’t. A guy I went to college with did, though. Well, I don’t know if he simply memorized the Klingon dictionary or if he learned all the grammar and idioms to be conversant in it, but really, who would he be conversing with? In Klingon?...I wonder what he’s up to now, and if he goes to Star Trek conventions and stuff…

Okay, so tangents will happen here. Frequently. I refuse to stop my wandering mind in this forum.
BUT, to the point…

I don’t speak Klingon, but I do speak Trekkie. I don’t claim to BE a Trekkie, you understand. I enjoy watching it when it’s on – Scotty and Bones are my favorite characters…especially in the latest movie that was made. (Karl Urban was a FANTASTIC Bones!) There was a whole group of us in college who would get together nightly for Star Trek: The Next Generation, and it was grand fun. But I’m no Star Trek purist. Much as I like Captain Kirk and the Enterprise and all that is The Original Series, I can’t quote the episodes, so I wasn’t offended by the [SPOILER ALERT!] little time-warp trick they used in the new movie to create a parallel universe. (although really: Spock and Uhura? Seriously? Come on.) I just like the concept. And the movies. Most of them.

So I speak Trekkie. …btw, I would embrace the title of Trekkie – I wasn’t trying to imply that being a Trekkie would be a bad thing – I just know that if I tried to call myself a Trekkie, genuine Trekkies who know their stuff would label me a wannabe. Which may be true.
Back to the point…

I also speak Star-Wars. Fluently. I am fanatical about Star Wars. I can quote it backwards, forwards and inside-out, including the background and the commentaries. If pressed, I guess I’d have to say, based on my greater knowledge of Star Wars Lore, that I’m a bigger fan of SW than of ST, but really, with SW there aren’t all the TV episodes to know, and fewer movies than ST. I enjoy them both, and refuse to take sides, although again, I know Star Wars to an impressive degree. ...Why do we not have a label? Trekkie is such a cool label, but what – “Warsie”? “Star-Warsian”? I AM one of those, but we have no name. Ah well.
To the point…again…

I don’t know why, but as I was considering starting a blog, and what I wanted it to be/have…besides an outlet for the raving lunacy of my very random but highly intelligent brain…one afternoon while out shopping it suddenly occurred to me that “Doesn’t Speak Klingon” is the PERFECT title for my blog! Here’s why:
1. It’s true. And I cannot lie. I don’t know if it’s a personality flaw or a superpower, but it is impossible for me to lie.
2. It’s gender neutral. For a while I thought I’d try to be completely neutral, although my gender will become obvious in no time. I just don’t want to classify myself by gender.
3. It immediately conveys my nerdiness. My nerdiness is sometimes a sticking point with people who don’t expect it. (read: men who try to date me.) I don’t look particularly “nerdy” but after knowing me for more than a day, you will see that I fly my freak flag high!
4. THEREFORE (see 3.) I may attract the more appropriate audience who will appreciate my bizarre ramblings. I’m not a mommy, although I enjoy a few so-called mommy-blogs. I’m not suburban, although I’ve been there and understand those blogs too. I’m not dedicated to posting about arts and crafts – or really any subject. However, my words will often bleed into the realm of subjects that the nerdy-set are likely to appreciate.
5. I’m pretty sure it’s an otherwise unused blog title. (It didn’t come up in any search-engine I tried.) Being unique is good.

So, welcome to “Doesn’t Speak Klingon”! I have no agenda and no precise point of view except that it’s my own point of view. Ask me anything; comment or don’t; there are no rules. I’m not inviting family, so I have no one to protect from whatever happens here.


  1. Fly that freak flag! Really, nerdiness is next to Godliness. Or maye it's cleanliness. Or something....

    Whatever the case, your blog showed up in my site stats, and I had to click, because doesntspeakklingon is a freakiing awesome blog title!

  2. thanks for stopping by! I'm still getting into the groove of this, so this site will keep morphing, I'm sure!

  3. A fellow freak. I think it's awesome. It is better to embrace it than try to conform to what everyone else wants.

  4. "I can be no other than I am."
    You can quote me on that!

  5. So now that I have read how you don't speak Klingon I can officially label you a Trek Wars Geek! I too am a Trek Wars geek and honestly I get the rambling blog stuff. I started mine as an outlet and it has been truly cathartic for me. Of course none of my sites actually seem to stay on topic of the things I do, but oh well maybe that makes a little more sense.

    So when you need some Star Wars costume (like a slave princess leah for Brett) Stop on by! www.sweetydarlin.blogspot.com (and on etsy)

    1. "Trek Wars Geek"! Thank you! That's it. Now I have a name.

      I actually looked into the Leia slave-girl costume last fall. I had lost weight and could have pulled it off. But I didn't really have a costume party to go to, and can't find the boots! Everyone wears it with strappy sandals. SO WRONG! I may take you up on that...


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